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My interview is ready.

I wanna use my iPad which has Safari? How come this only works on MS Explorer?
I don't know, for some reason only Internet Explorer can accept the password.
I'll try to see if there is a solution for that online, but as of right now, only IE works.
I'll post later on if I can fix this. Sorry :(
Great interview Scorpio.
Your answer to the question "Can we see your dick?" was a bit vague :lol:
Thank you for the insight in to a small part of who you are :thumbup:

Stephane! Thank you so much! Your interview was much more imformative than I expected. Well done!

As Ray said, your answer to can we see your dick, was a little teeny bit vague! LOL! Cute!

I really appreciate the effort you put into your interview vid.

Um, I'm taller than you, and I like dogs, and I have a horse. I'd get a tat for you... :001_wub::blushing::wink::biggrin:

Thanks so much Steve. Fantastic! It was so good of you to speak to us. Well worth the wait!

I gave this vid a FIVE!! hehe
Forgot to add. LOVED the dance vid, too! :thumbup:
Silly silly Scorpio!

Oh, can't forget your accent! Love it, too! :)
Dearest Stephane,

Thank you so much for doing the interview for us. If anything it exceeded all of my expectations. You showed us a little bit of your world. I loved that we got to see where you worked. I totally understand why you moved your desk away from the other room. If you have the computer facing a wall and you are an artist who's trying to be creative I can see how that would feel claustrophobic and stifling. You want to feel free while you're working. You want natural light around you and the ability to look around at more wide open space. To feel like you're in the cener of all the action.

I was very flattered that you answered some of the questions I wrote you on the forum. It really meant alot to me that you took the time to answer our own questions just as you said you would. You are a man of your word. That's very noble.

I hope that you get that dream of the farm with acreage that has room for a few horses and various animals. And if you ever decide that you are ready for a relationship again I think your chances of finding a tall and slightly older cowboy who shares that same dream are quite high. :wink:

While our personalities are not identical we do share many similarities. Partly because we are both Scorpios and we have the same birthday. I am so with you in your taste in guys. While I don't necessarily have the cowboy fantasy I am not as into the twink age group as people might think. I really prefer 25 and up rather than just the 18-25 range. If there were a believable site with straight guys of 25-35 or more, who are doing gay stuff for the first time...I'd watch that too. lol And the more masculine and straight acting the guy, the better. lol

You are so right about the eyes. We Scorpios are very much into seeing into a person's soul by looking deeply into their eyes. That's a really big deal to us. While I am occasionally intrigued by the bad boy look I much prefer someone with kind eyes. One who is genuinely just a good person at heart. I think you and I would get along very well as friends. Even if there was no sexual spark there.

I can understand how difficult it would be to try to stay self motivated all the time when you work at home. It has to be tough some days. There are always going to be plenty of distractions if you choose to give into them. And of course some days the creative artistic juices are flowing more so than others.

I'd love to hear you tell us more about Mark. But I realize that it might be awkward. I've sensed in PM's and other forum postings that he really does have a heart of gold. And he really is a special person. When I talk to other Blu Media employees about him they have nothing but kind words for him. Like he's their friend first who just happens to be their employer also. And I've never gotten the impression that they were saying that out of a sense of duty to their boss. It has come across from so many people as being very sincere.

Well thanks again Scorpio for doing the interview for us. Your voice sounds much deeper and masculine than I was expecting from a former Frenchman. lol Your accent doesn't have the nasally sound of the long drawn out vowels that I heard so much in France and the other French speaking countries. Although I like that sound too. :wink:

No doubt the video itself will spawn a few more questions from us. lol Even though you are not a model on the site you have always had a fan base of sorts of your very own. I hope you can feel some of the love that we have for you Stephane. I think that most of us wanted to know that you were happy with your life. And you appear to be saying and showing us that for the time being you are indeed a happy man. You're getting to live part of the American dream and we are very happy for you. :001_smile:
Thanks Scorpio! I loved the dance. The interview was good and very interesting. Some how I missed the dick size but thats ok. LOL. I bet you will never try another threesome, I know I won't. Been there done that and lost!!! You are a great guy.
Very nice interview. It was great to get such an insight to someone who works for BluM. You have done a great job with the Broke Straight Boys Do you do the free websites as well? I am also in Texas and just wish it was the same city. I would love to know you and have you as a neighbor. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.
Nice video! Thanks for sharing!
I have that same pet peeve with the "Hotboi24" usernames! haha

PS: I had that same problem with password-protected posts a while back. It turns out if you don't specify a static URL for WP and the home page in the general settings, most browsers don't save the session cookie under the right host name. If not that, it may be an .htaccess issue, which is over my head haha. Hope that helps :)
Man, the melange of Paris and Dallas in your voice is totally charming.

The quality of your skin is awesome. You have a beautiful epidermis, also on your butt cheeks, that sprinkling of blond hair glinting in the light was hot. Yeah, the teaser. And when you rubbed your eyes, you brought your fingertips up into the frame and your hands are great. So there was no need for us to see your dick mister, it's got the right veins for sure. Anyway you said 8 and a half? Cool. Oh, shoes? Also cool.

Dude, you have 80% more charisma than most people do who get rich being cool in front of a camera. The way your expressions were never OTT, always subtle and loaded with nuance: as the cliché goes, The Camera Loves You.

Jesus, your smile.

Man, the dance. I loved Leon's Highland Jig, but your Viking-fart Swivel beats it by miles.

You would obviously be the most amusing person any of us knows, just to hang out with. The fact that you pretty much spend your day on your own seems like such a contradiction. And you've got that famous fantasy: the one where an anonymous tall strong silent type with tiny glinting passionate eyes and a chiseled jaw opens your door, takes you by the nape of the neck, pushes you to the floor and melts you with kisses while he Has His Way With You...man oh man, butchy, masculine, passive guys are such a turn on.

Thanks for putting together such a funny, honest, beautiful little film. Everything we've ever asked you to do (speaking personally as well here) you've done in like totally high priority time. You've never let us down mister. OK, so this should have been a PM. Too late now.
for some reason I can't get the interview. I get there and it say's to get the latest player, so I did and still nothing????:cursing::crying:
I know, Slim. It's so hard to talk to him without gushing things that are probably best left in a PM. He does have great skin. Obviously he's not a sun worshipper who burns often. And he has a smile that could melt the Swiss Alps.
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I don't know, for some reason only Internet Explorer can accept the password.
I'll try to see if there is a solution for that online, but as of right now, only IE works.
I'll post later on if I can fix this. Sorry :(
Thanks a bunch!
How Sweet it is!

Skorpie: Great interview! You covered the topic and did not over-do it. You have a beautiful face: Clear eyes and comfortable in your skin I believe. You left us wanting more and that is a really good way to finish up. I know you won't surrender to the demand for measurements . . . there is only so much wanting I can handle. And . . . your computer work on the sites is really very good. - Regards, Rapper
I know, Slim. It's so hard to talk to him without gushing things that are probably best left in a PM. He does have great skin. Obviously he's not a sun worshipper who burns often. And he has a smile that could melt the Swiss Alps.

Who knew?
Stephane: Thanks so much for letting us glimpse the real you. I hope you find that masculine, dog luvin, horseback riding, well tattoed, nice guy who has a farm!

Your interview was great. And now you have men across America panting and wanting more. I think Tampa has fallen in love....... there's probably more out there as well.

You are great guy working for and with some wonderful people! Be happy! Do the happy dance with your doggie!