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Broke Straight Boys, It’s Time to BATTLE!!!!!


Oct 11, 2011
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A little competition never hurt anyone,….Well, at least not the GIVER-HA, HA. How instructing it would be two have three of the most favored (Professional) (Broke Straight Boys) in competition to see who can TURN-ON, & TURN-OUT three of the (Broke Straight Boys) ANNAL VERGINS. Are the (pro’s) up for the challenge? Which one of the (pros) has the skills to stimulate their pairing-partner into going all the way, without instruction? Which one of the (pros) has the skills to win the TOP-PRIZE! And there one more other little thing THE (PROS) CANT TELL THE ANNAL-VERGIN ABOUT THE COMPOTITION!!!! We as members wouldn’t be left out because the most votes decide who gets the prize bonus. This is so sweet I can’t stop thinking about it!!! Who would you nominate for the (Pros?) and who would their pairing-partner be? Think about it.:sneaky2::sneaky2:
Wow! I love this challenge, but I need to do a little more "research" of the episodes to make my final pairings...yummy! As far as the newbies, will we have a look at their solos first? I'm just sayin' this is going to be a big and stiff competition (I only wish I could feel it; yeah I know, stand in line). Some of us paired up a couple of the cuties already in another thread, but I deffinitely like where this will end up!
We can't chose the newbies from the present Broke Straight Boys's.........or they wouldn't be newbies.:wink:

We can only choose the pros. If we are including BSB1 guys, Porn Shane can get ANYONE to do ANYTHING.:001_tt1: