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Another Fantasy Shot To Hell


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Feb 2, 2009
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Well that is another fantasy shot to hell.
I know it is probably old news by now as the series of the Ellen Degeneres show that we are viewing here at the moment is a bit like the Broke Straight Boys episodes - filmed up to 6 months ago & released now.
I just learned that Mario Lopez is going to be a dad. (insert broken heart smilie here)
And I feel like I'm always the last to know everything.... (and I guess it's true!):wink:
Thanks Ray for the information. I did not know this either, so after your comment I looked it up and it is true. I didn't even know he had another girlfriend. I thought he was just a v-jay slut..... But the story says his girlfriend and he are expecting a child in the fall. Thanks for the heads up, I sure didn't know it.....


Jeff V.