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My Story About Twins


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Dec 5, 2017
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Detroit Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tampa
I am a hobby writer. I have two books and am working on a third. I also wrote my memoire which is something for my nephews and neices. That stated I couldn't mention in detail my sex-capades'. I shared this story on a gay website so it is very descriptive, and intended for adults only. Mark asked to read it and later suggested that I post it here. Because it is 11,540 characters I have to do it in two postings. Dudes don't fault me for my writing ability and think that this is not a true story. IT IS TRUE TO EVERY DETAIL. Besides I can't use any of this in the religious books I write. enjoy

Only in West Hollywood 90069

True story

I worked as the overnight manager at what is now Ralph’s on Doheny Drive in West Hollywood California. Thanksgiving holiday season means my crew and I had an overload of work, restocking the store. Ronnie, one of my coworkers really out did himself. He completed all his work and took on even more. When the customers began to fill the store, buying for the holiday we were ready. My practice when one of my people really out performs, is to volunteer to buy breakfast after work. I went to Ronnie and asked if I could buy him breakfast.

“Yes,” he replied “but can my brother come too?”

Thinking in for a penny in for a pound; I answered. “Sure.” That began a whole series of surprises. We walked to his car and awakened his twin brother Donnie. When I started working in the grocery industry my father advised me. “When at work keep your dick in your pants”. Although I lived in Boys Town, at work I stayed in my closet. I have a mode much like a doctor. I can look at the dudes I work with but not see them sexually. Being this way, I am certain, has kept me out of trouble in that straight world. Also keeping my gay side to myself is one less thing to deal with at work. Today I was going to throw that rule book out the window. Who wouldn’t break a few rules to have sex with identical twins?

During breakfast the brothers told me their secrets. They worked one job. In other words if one didn’t want to work the other came in his place. Sometimes they would switch off at lunch time. The other secret was that they are gay. They told me that after I asked if they have twin girlfriends or only one between them. Several times I had to ask who was who because there was nothing I could find to tell them apart other than their clothing. They had identical gestures and spoke in unison to my questions. They had a mental form of communication, often they would look at each other and you could see that something had passed between them when one would nod his head as if agreeing. One was more dominant as happens with twins. I have a thing for hot Latino men, and these brothers would not have escaped my notice if they had cross my path. These twenty year olds couldn’t go to the bars I frequented. Obviously they didn’t meet many gays easily because they lived out in Buena Park with their family. I love sex. I do not have many restrictions about having it either. Some guys act like sex is sacred or wait to meet the perfect soul mate. “I might like you better if we have sex together,” is my creed. I told the twins that I am gay too. The surprise wore off quickly as they both formed an idea. These horny boys started talking about sex right away. They wanted to get me in bed with them! They gave me options. One stated that I could watch as they made love to each other. Then the other said I could fuck them both. The first on came back with the option to enjoy both of them as they took turns on me. Truly this was better than a Dairy Queen double-double.

My apartment was a block away from where we had breakfast. I lived alone so we went there. Ronnie and Donnie knew what they wanted and I was simply their sex toy. I had no objections. I mean how often does one get to have this fantasy come true. Both boys were absolutely beautiful. They are a bit taller than me and had lean muscular bodies. The work we did built men up naturally because all night long we lifted cases of food and that had a delicious effect on the body. Take a cup of coffee and put a lot of cream in it. This was the color of their clear skin. Each had a blush of red on their cheeks. Both have dimples and a square jaw. They had fresh haircuts and they had a small mole above their left eyebrow. Within a couple of minutes they were standing in my living room nude. Both of their cocks had a slight bend to the left and stood out fully hard. These boys needed sex Indeed. I have had experience with 3 ways before and intended to be the meat in this R and D sandwich. That thought made me react instantly.

I walked toward them and grabbed their cocks in my hands as I kissed one deeply. Please forgive me but I really cannot tell you who I kissed first because I can’t tell one from the other by looking at them. I can report that they both kissed the same way. Enough of that kissing it was time to suck cock. Both brothers sported cut 8 inch dicks. Like me they weren’t pencil dicks nor very fat. I got on my knees and went for the cock on my right. The other brother automatically rewarded me by getting even lower to take in my 8 inches. The one I was sucking put his hands on my head and began to face fuck me as the other pushed on my ass so that I was face fucking him. These boys were in control. I was going to be used until they used me up. The one I was sucking nudged the other with his foot and they immediately changed positions. Their silent communication was in full force. Both of the cocks that I was sucking hit deeply the same spot in the back of my throat. Both of the suckers took my dick in their mouths messaging with their tongues in the same manner. If there was anything different about them I would find out later on. We stayed in our 969 position until all of us were getting close. They pulled away from me and asked “Do you want to fuck?” as one voice.

I had the perfect bed for what was next. I called my California King size, my adult play pen. We would be all over it today. The boys placed me in the middle. One would kiss while the other licked my body. I had their hands all over me. If one stroked my cock the other cupped my balls. They would switch off as if they had practiced. I had to taste their asses. I got on my knees doggy style and rolled one brother on to this stomach the boys didn’t have bubble butts, but their buns are covered in a fine hair that glistened blond in the light and felt rock hard. It was easy for me to probe this twin’s ass. He was well use to having his ass worked on and relaxed instantly. This I was to learn was the only way these two were different. I did not have time to think about it though because the other twin was probing my hole with his tongue. I love the feeling of having a tongue lick around my hole then push into me. As a top this was a very rare treat. I knew from my own experience that I had to relax back there so the twin could probe his soft tongue into me as far as he wanted to. Again they took control by switching positions I probed the other twin’s hole but it was more difficult. His ring was not as easy to enter as his brother’s was. I took note of this difference for the future. I was being double timed and enjoying every hot minute of it. Soon the tight one asked if I wanted to fuck his brother. Of course I said yes. They asked for lube but I didn’t have any. I explained that spit is the best lube there is and it is natural. They agreed to try.
I was thinking that I would suck on one and fuck the other then they would switch of. It didn’t occur to me that they had their own ideas. I got the relaxed one on his back and put a pillow under him so his ass was supported in the up position. I spit on my hand to lube my dick and I heard the tight one spit on his hand. I re-wetted the hole before me as the other got my hole wet. Suddenly he was all inside me. I had to gasp. It has been a long time since I was filled. Thank God he held still while I eased into his brother. There is no feeling like this in the world than to have a hot man on both of my ends. It felt like his dick had become a part of my own as we began to rock together. It took a moment for me to remember that the real job of fucking in a 3way was for me to do all the moving I pushed the tight one back a bit so I could long stroke his brother and get long stroked myself as I pulled out. I was literally fucking myself as I fucked the relaxed twin. What makes me a good top is that I also like to be on the bottom. I say that you have to know how it feels to have a cock working your insides in order to work your cock really well inside someone else. I am not quite when I get fucked. I urged the tight one to slam his rod in me as I pulled back. He did me one better by holding on to my hips and slamming my ass on his hard bent rod when I pulled out of his brother and slammed me again as I was buried balls deep in that ass. The sensation was almost too much. I could feel my cum engine begin to rev up. I begged to slow down. I said “I don’t want to be a 3 minute wonder, slow down or I’ll cum”. The tight one pulled out.

He asked, “Why should my brother get all the fun and no work? It’s my turn to catch. With that they changed places. YIKES! I didn’t know that I was in for two cocks up my ass in one day. This was more than I could have dreamed for. Oh hell yeah the tight one was tight throughout. He grabbed my dick and aimed it at his hole and slammed on me as his brother slammed into me. The twin sensations again made me gasp and start begging like a slut bottom.

“Yah”, I cheered on, “FUCK MY ASS. That’s right; give me that dick. Fuck me, fuck me hard”.

I was now out of control of myself. I was getting a great fuck while I was fucking fine twin asses. The relaxed one was fucking me just as ably as his brother did. It was a good pain when their dicks went in really deep. Doing this while I was fucking brought me to the biggest shoot-out ever. I held onto the tight one and pumped him full of my man juice, it was starting to come out of his tight hole. The relaxed on rewarded me with a load of his own shortly afterwards. I could feel his warm fluid each time it jetted into my ass. For you exclusive tops, the feeling of a man’s cum inside you is much like taking a sip of fine Tequila. It feels warm as it slides in to you, it doesn’t, hurt but you know it’s there. The tight twin hopped off my dick and began to stroke his. It took a few minutes but soon enough he ordered me to open my mouth and squired inside. It was a lot of cream. I had to swallow a couple of times to keep from spilling any. I held onto the relaxed twin keeping his dick inside me as I laid on my side. I was exhausted. After an hour of fucking and getting fucked my energy was spent. Add to the fact that we all worked over night they were tired too. I pulled the tight one close so my still hard cock would enter him and we all passed out completing two fantasies in one morning.

The twins woke up before I did. It was their moving around that awakened me. They told me that they had to get home soon because their mother needed the car. I wanted seconds but had to be patient. Before they left I took on the role as boss and told them that what they were doing was kind-a illegal by both working one job. I told them I can keep it secret but they also had to respect that while at work I am not gay. This arrangement worked out. I also learned another thing about twins. If one likes you the other will too. Sometimes without calling me first, I would come home and one of them was waiting for me. It was pure luck that every time this happened I was arriving alone. I never called one by his name until I had my cock inside because that was the only way I knew who was who. They never gave me their phone number which made hooking up with them difficult unless we left together after work. I would enjoy a twin session with them only one other time. This went on for a year or so. One day my boss told me that Ronnie quit suddenly and that was the last I saw of them. I can proudly say that I was the boy toy to twins.