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I Like JustUsBoys.com - Win Money $$


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
I'm using the same usernames on both forums... Looks like there is a lot going on over there.
Just call me Denny Bear
Now so does this mean I am registered? Im confused help an old man out!
Hey Mark,

I did go there and register but I haven't been to the place before so I just picked any topic and I seen one about "Is spooning a Fetish" so I posted on there that I wasn't sure but if you add a knife and fork than its deffinately a threesome.

my name is the same as in here: casper1987xy I have posted. Show me the money!

Just kidding I know its a weekly contest.....
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I've got the same name on HUB as I do here, ScottC. not original, but I can remember it, at least!
Just out of curiosity, are the winners to be announced on this thread or are they being notified via PM?
Interesting. CF's new big dick gay boy, Jamie, is on there from Bad Puppy, as Devin Moss.

These boys do get around!
He can call himself Bobby Puppykiller and I'd still find him hot!