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Become a BSB director for a day....


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida

Broke Straight Boys is announcing our first contest, "Become A Director For The Day" contest. All members who have been members for at least 3 months are eligible to participate in the contest.

If you think you have what it takes to become the director for the day, all you have to do is write a one or two paragraph scenario of what you want to see in a Broke Straight Boys episode and to submit your proposed scene and post it to the site, or email it [email protected]. All proposed scenes will be posted on the forum for all the members to view. David, Eddie and Mark will decide the winning scenario.

The winner will then be flown to our studios/office here in South Florida. Airfare will be provided, two night stay in the Ft.Lauderdale airport Hilton and food will be provided. The winner will have the opportunity to film a scene, meet and mingle with the models, take a tour of the office and studio and live the life of a porngrapher for two days!

This will be your opportunity to experience life in the porn industry and see what goes on behind the scenes of Broke Straight Boys, College Boy Physicals and Boy Gusher site and actually meet the folks that direct and produce the content and you will see how content is filmed and prepared and sent to Mark. This will give the lucky winner a chance to meet, 'The voice behind the camera', and too meet everyones favorite Broke Straight Boys model, Tyler!!!

Rules of the contest:

Directors are not allowed to have sex with the models.
Directors are required to maintain professional behavior.
No Drugs or underage drinking are allowed. Directors must be clean and sober for shoots.
There is no private time with the models.
The winning member must be a member of the Broke Straight Boys site for at least 3 months. If the winner is new to the Broke Straight Boys site, then we will book the trip after the member has been a member for at least 3 months.
The winning member must be 18 years of age and can travel to our studio, in the event the first winner can't make the trip, there will be a 2nd runner up.
Guest directors do not choose the models for the scene.
Contest is for US residents only.

1st place prize is a free 3day/2 night trip to South Florida all expense paid
2nd prize ($500 cash)
3rd price ($250 cash)

The closing date is Feb. 2, 2010
Whats the closing date and can we enter more then once?
Mark you are the man. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.:thumbup:
I'm too lazy but hope someone has a great time. Mark, how about adding to the rules. Taylor will follow the guest director with a bucket of ice water to be used as required.
what a cool idea! someone can see what its like from the other side of the camera. :)
ur requirements don't say anything about the winner being male/female..so can i try too?

Yes..if your a female member of the site or a male member of the site..its open to any member that has a membership for 3 or more months.

If your a new member and you just joined the site...you can still enter the contest....but if your picked as the winner, you will need to have the 3 months membership under your belt.

Some ideas and hints of what we are looking for!!!

Please do your scenarios or scenes catered towards a Broke Straight Boys scene. We want to hear from members the type of scene you would like to see on Broke Straight Boys The winning scene will be chosen and the member that wins with the winning scene will have a chance to direct the scene that they wrote.
Well I hate to be the first to post a scene idea but I guess somebody has to do it so here goes.

Broke Straight Boys Contest Scene submitted by Denny Bear

I would like to stage the scene in either a living room or perhaps a motel room just to give a bit more room but other wise the normal set will be fine.
The Scene opens with three young models sitting in a circle playing cards to pass the time waiting for the director to show up. In walks the director and makes the usual greetings followed by a brief introduction of the models. Director then comments that it is a good idea the guys brought the cards because we are going to play strip poker, with a few twists. When a person looses a hand the other two boys will assist him to remove the article of clothing. The first person naked will be the bottom, the next person will be the sucking post and of course the third person will be the top for the fucking to follow. We will then move on to a normal but possibly slightly shorter fucking scene, changing positions a time or two during. The fucking will be slightly shorter because the boys have one more task to take care of. Since the last person to get naked is the winner it will be the job of the other two boys to service his dick for the cum shot. They will both proceed to suck his dick and hand jerk him off until he cums at which time they will offer up there faces side by side as a palette. If they achieve in both getting a cum facial they will each be paid a bonus fee for doing so. After which both boys will bust their nut and we say thank you and hope to see them all again.

That's it I sincerely hope you enjoy my idea and I thank you for your consideration.
My first idea (you know me I will probably have more than 1)
The scene will be like most other scenes at Broke Straight Boys as it will be in the new studio with the futon, codoms, statuary, etc... (just the normal video scene) except it will have an Artist Easel in the room.

The models will be sitting on the futon like in the normal video. and then the director or whoever will come in to do the interviews with the models...Are you broke? How much money would you like to make. ( just the usual interview type thing before a shoot)There will have to be a minimum of at least 3 models for this to work)

The director or whoever will inform the models that this is there lucky day because one of them will be making alot of money at this setting. He will then reveal a large chart with various positions or actions that the models can do and how much each particular one pays. and place it on the artist easel. The prices naturally vary according to whats involved.

The models will be informed that the one who makes the most money by doing the positions or actions reflected in the prices..gets to keep all the money they would make for everything they do. The runner up will only get whatever is paid by the highest value single thing that they did. the second runner up will only get the pay of the 2nd highest value single thing they did.

Then the director or whoever just tells them that the money is there to be made. so get started and see how much money you can be taking home today.

The idea is really simple, I mean after all we know that they are willing to do stuff for the money...but, how much stuff are they willing to do for LOTS of money. Naturally someone will have to keep track of everything they did and the prices they would be paid for doing that and then just add them up and pay them according to first, second, and third place.

If I win first prize I want Dennybear to direct it for me because I have just realized that his profile carrying in that chart and putting it up would be the most perfect kind of scenario ( I mean think of DennyBear in there placing that chart up and just looking at the guys and saying.."hey theres money to be made here so see how much you can be taking home today" ) I don't think it would look right if I did it because I'm the same age as the models. Who could possibly take me serious if I'm the same age as them (It kills all the shock value) If I win 2nd prize than I want it in monthly memberships payments and some Broke Straight Boys merchandise (up to 500$) if I win 3rd prize than I want it in merchandise (videos, hats, shirts, and the penis measurer)

come to think of it...you can keep everything if you can get me a pair of Tyler, Logan or Prestons underware..(used of course...i want some value for my effort) If I don't win anything than I will try harder next time.
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Wow! Both sound really hot thus so far. One of the members emailed me there scenario and I will post it up here after the holidays when I get back into the office. Lets here from others and see what type of scene you would like to see in the Broke Straight Boys set.
members can submit more then one scenario...remember we chose the best one...I have some scenarios that were emailed to me...so I'm going to post those up on here as well on Monday when I get back into the office.

Do you still have my scenerios that I wrote for Derek. You can substitute Logan, Tyler, et al for Derek.

I'll also dream up a couple more.

Yes I am back from a FANTASTIC trip. I'm still sorting thru pics but will post some on a thread or on my profile page.
What have you got against us Brits taking part? VERY RACIST!! Just because we choose to live in a nicer country than you Yanks...we are being excluded. No - I am NOT moving to Florida just to take part. Sod off. I much prefer Derbyshire...or Leeds, eh, JoninLiverton?
What have you got against us Brits taking part? VERY RACIST!! Just because we choose to live in a nicer country than you Yanks...we are being excluded. No - I am NOT moving to Florida just to take part. Sod off. I much prefer Derbyshire...or Leeds, eh, JoninLiverton?

LOL! The reason why the contest is not open to non-US residents is because of the fact of the flight and the cost to fly someone from outside the US just for a few days. Lets see how this contest does this time around and perhaps next time we will open the contest to everyone!