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Shout Out To BrokeLogan


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Oct 26, 2008
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The island next door to Ibiza
Logan, just want to make sure you feel the love emanating from El Forumo. A huge slew of members, especially forumites, have you on their absolute top 5 roster, and all of us hope that you're gonna make it down to Broke Straight Boys Headquarters (as soon as you've wound down from school) to do a bunch of scenes for the site. Of course you have priorities, and if you decide to film on the futon it would have to be somewhere down the list. But we all hope it's ON the list, yes we do. Take care Logan, huge hug.
Logan if your listening you have literally thousands of adorning fans here who would love to hear how your doing. David if your reading this PLEASE PLEASE pass this along to Logan in an Email or phone call and ask him to Please stop by if for nothing else to say hi to all his fans.
Yes we all miss Logan but maybe he's busy doing his exams right now. He does right to concentrate first and foremost on his education however, it would be nice to see him soon.
Logan, I hope you realize that it’s not just your good looks that builds your fan base, it’s your personality as well. We miss your smile and the banter you have with our adorable David. Just remember you have some, change that to a bunch of guys and some gals thrown in that miss you a lot and are looking forward to you returning to South Florida.

PS: Thanks Slim, what a neat thing to do!