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Kyler, Zack, and Preston

Denny Bear

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Oct 20, 2008
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Sioux City, IA
What a great shoot to close out the old studio with. Sweet little Preston finally got his BJ and even took a monster for lack of better places to put it. I sincerely hope we see all of these guys back at the new site. Oh if you listen real close while David is talking to Eddie I think you can hear Tyler giggle a little bit in the back ground. :thumbup1:

Agree with Denny. Fantastic shoot to end an era and yet to begin a new one. I hope they take all 3 models to the new studio. Nice final touch with Eddie in front of cameras and wearing one of Shane's T shirts.

Just that.....WOW!!!!!!
Anyone who gives this less than a five star can kiss my ass.
Apart from no kissing, it was impossible to fault this. I liked the way that David let them do their thing, with only minor prompting.
Zack has an incredible physique and beautiful wedding tackle. Preston sure loves cock, for a straight boy, and Kyler .....was Kyler:thumbup1:
Dennis Ursus,

It's downloading. As we speak, it's rating stands at 4.9/5. If this video, as smokin' as it looks in the photos, actually has one of Tyler's squawky chortles as background it will deserve the 5/5 it almost has at the moment. Nine minutes to go.
Really great video David

this was a great video. I too am glad that Preston finally got a blowjob out of the deal...It was really nice to see Zakk and Kyler back. Zakk has a great body and must be seriously involved in sports or he works out like a mad man..absolutely great body. All the guys seemed kinda relaxed and having a good time...Is it just me or is Zakk really proud of the fact that he has a very large dick:w00t:. (don't worry Zakk, I would be smiling too):thumbup1: I wonder why they don't swallow the sperm.. I guess you have to accept the limits they set for themselves because after all it is their own set limits. I'd kinda like to know what it tastes like. Guess I could try and get a job as a cleanup man:drool:....maybe not... after the first time I may not be interested anymore.

I noticed in this video something that you don't see alot of and that was the way they were touching and feeling of each other...I mean it looked like there was really some compassion or affection going on in this video....absolutely great...Really fantastic...

As usual David did a great video but I hope he don't get in trouble for it because the next California wildfire will probably be blaimed on this very hot video...We will vouch for you David...You was in florida filming a video.

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what a hot session. All three of these guys have upbeat personalities and seemed to really enjoy every minute. Seeing Kyler and Preston back is a real treat and to match them up with Preston is perfect. Hopefully, Preston will get to top one of these days. He's such a cutie and his personality is simply awesome. I just hope he'll leave the boxers at home next time. He looks so hot in his trunks or briefs. In all, what a nice way to close up the old studio. Maybe they should be the opening act in the new one! :)
Five, like everyone else. How cool to see Dr. Eduardo Phingerphuck in his civvies, printed tee, all in the family.

The three hotties just relaxed into their newly awakened mode, of digging messing around with other dudes, in the nicest, Broke Straight Boys, kind of way.

Did Preston get his lines confused and pretend that this was going to be his first time doing...whatever he said? Dave str8tened it out for the record: the bitch boy had previously made quite clear on film that he was into being stuffed and slammed.

The fact that Tyler was there, even if you could only hear the occasional guffaw, made it even hotter.
Yes! That was the last scene we filmed in the old studio. Tyler was there and so was Eddie, both taking pics of the scene. Although this was the last scene filmed in the old studio....we still have lots of content left to upload that was filmed in the old studio.

We are glad to see you guys like the 3some...it was a hot scene!!!
Although this was the last scene filmed in the old studio....we still have lots of content left to upload that was filmed in the old studio.
That's a bit disappointing to hear, David, as either you or Mark had said that you were going to start showing the scenes in the order in which they were filmed. I was hoping that you were showing us all the old stuff "in the can", and then would present the videos in chronological order. As has been said before, many of us look at Broke Straight Boys as a "reality series", and it gets real confusing when you guys jump around in time showing the scenes.
And with a bang it went !!!! Bravo David...great idea to get these gorgeous guys together ( 3 of my favorites models) , Preston is a star in the making, a little kissing would have make it perfect...but not complaining it was just great.....Nice to see Eddie out of uniform...LOL...For me it's a 10
Good luck with the new studio :thumbup:

Cheers !
this was an awesome video..and preston is too hot lol
This one was smokin', Preston just let loose and was hot as hell, is he destined to be the next great bottom? I wonder how Kyler felt about having to share his buddy Zach with this little hottie! And Zach!! OMG! What a body, and what a cock! I love that sheepish grin of his and his willing to please attitude. He sure seems to enjoy his new found pleasures with men. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that dorm room when Zach and Kyler are home and horny! One can only imagine. And I have. over and over again.
I am really torn between Logan and Zach as to who is the hottest model at Broke Straight Boys, While I am sure many will rally in support of Logan, it is Zach who appears in 2 of the top 10 members favorites! Is that the tide I hear turning?
Great film! Bravo David, et al. I gave it a 5.....twice!


Wow, David, that was a hot scene. Hey and Preston got to be the proverbial bitch again. Kyler had no problems talking him into it either... It was like he partially was wanting to be invited to take Zack's hot cock. I think a few more scenes like that and Preston my just give up on dating women all together.

I certainly hope Zack and Kyler have become closer through this experience and I hope they have become at least fuck buddies rather than just plain room mates.:blush:
I noticed that hot pic too Jon! I sure hope we get to see that 3-way soon!!! :)
And after that: Zack on the bottom for the trifecta!!! Seems like these guys are up for it!
Did anyone else notice that the pic on Mark's become a Broke Straight Boys Director thread show's Preston fucking Kyle. Is this a pic from a sequel or just you lot teasing the members. x

Would love to tease YOUR member.

(Sometimes the models get into a variety of different poses during the still photo shoot from the ones that actually happen during the scene shot on video. I'm guessing this might have been one of those.)
hmmm, well, tell me my Jedi Master slim,
If your posing with your dick inside someone...isn't that still kinda fucking? I really liked that pic and I didn't actually notice that it was not in the video. Thats why you are the master and I'm am just your apprentis...thanks for mentioning that. I will now have to go look at what must be 50,000 pictures.

Love Ya