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Diesel and Jimmy

Just wondering if a vid ever hit a solid 5?:drool::tongue_smilie:
Very enjoyable episode, even though neither Diesal or Jimmy are exactly my physical type. However they both put on a great performance. Jimmy could not keep his hands off Diesal's body from the beginning when they were just stroking themselves to get hard. And then Jimmy loved to lick Diesal's body, especially his nipples. Diesal seemed content to lay back and have Jimmy pleasure his body, and only lent a helping hand or mouth when prompted by Dave, but Diesal was totally into making out.

I know that Diesal is going to bottom, but as the episode proceeded it seemed like Diesal would remain a top, being a straight guy allowing a dude to pleasure him for cash. I am curious to see how into getting fucked Diesal will be, and I am looking forward to the next scene between these guys.
I haven't had a chance to watch this vid yet, but it is now the number one vid on the site! 4.7! This day is going to be a long one until I get the time to watch this vid you have all been raving about!
This is my fav vid

Very very nice ....... well done.:thumbup:


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That's What I'm Talking About

Just seeing Diesal again was thrilling. Seeing Diesal and Jimmy, not a couple, but acting like a still new couple made this the #1 Broke Straight Boys video.....EVER. They were making love not just having sex. Their passions aroused mine. I had to watch it in two different sitting, then when I came home for Registration I watched it again, It seemed even hotter. The kissing, the nipple play, the hands on each other. All of it. This was a match made in Porno Heaven. Thanks David.

My friend, Remi, has been watching it over and over all day. Had to drag him to Register this afternoon. He has subscriptions to a gazillion sites and says this is definitely the hottest pairing he's seen.
A masterpiece !!!

OMG, that's what I have been waiting to see since I joined this site !!! Elyot you took the words out of my "fingers" they didn't have sex they did make love and David's cam did capture all the emotions, the pleasures, the looks...we were there, brillant jod Dave :thumbup: and coming so close after CJ's boring performances lately, it was a great experience, they raised the level very high and I hope it will stay there...By the responses and ratings I think that models , past and present should take notice...
Greatest vid so far, cannot wait for the Diesal/jimmy follow ups !!!:tongue_smilie:
I'm glad you guys like the Diesal/Jimmy scene. The next one is coming on Friday 10pm mountain time so get ready. :porn:


Would you be willing to rate it? Say this one is gonna get to 4.8 for example. What score would you personally give the one coming out Friday?
Diesal was ready, as you say, and Jimmy was exactly the catalyst he needed to take the plunge. From the second Jim sat back down and chummily/suggestively rested his palm on Gigantor's thigh, this whole scene took on a heart and soul of it's own. The fact that they are both cute in kind of the same way, lovely bodies, a dusting of body hair, conventionally handsome kinda baby faces of the nicest kind, plus the fact that Jimmy was obviously ready for love and Gigantor was too, sort of allowed them both to move into a zone where they discovered affection(!) for each other, and mixed it with lust. If they hadn't both been such cool cute guys maybe it wouldn't have happened. But they were into each other and right for each other; and it was flabbergasting to see them make love to each other, so turned on that the testosterone jolt had them both dreamy eyed. I don't think either of them knew what hit him. They kept coming up for air with little crooked smiles of total disbelief on their faces, except for that one time James just beamed, from ear to ear.

To see two straighties fall in love in front of our eyes was apocalyptic.

ITA Slim,

To see Diesal making love to another guy was just way over the top! LOL He had always held a little bit back before. Once he felt that jolt as you say and that perfect chemistry with Jimmy kicked in...he completely surrendered himself to it. Diesal had probably his most intense cumshot yet. I think I counted 5 spurts as well as some dribble. I think it shocked even him. It's very intriguing to hear David say that Diesal himself was eager to take things further. Maybe straight Diesal is exploring his sexuality with more curiosity.

I dare say that the girlfriend has not given him that kind of pleasure. It was funny when Jimmy beamed and blushed. Kind of like the cat that ate the canary. That was right after the first kiss when Jimmy got rock hard with no touching. When Diesal went back to grab Jimmy's dick and saw that it had nearly doubled in size and firmness, HE felt embarrassed and not a little flattered I'm sure. When they made eye contact all they could do was giggle. They had a moment. I don't think he'll find any girlfriend who will give him that kind of workover.
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Keeping it short and simple---Diesal and Jimmy were simply the hottest pair I have seen here...I half way expected Jimmy to take Diesal's cock up the ass right there, and scream for more....Keep these two guys at it...SUPER HOT DUO!!!!!!
Nice vid! Yeah, Jimmy is experienced! LOL! He gave Gigantor the tonsil treatment. Liked the kissing, lip and nipple biting. Hands. Hands all over the place. I think Jimmy could suck the chrome off a tailpipe. He sure does know how to play to the camera. Are we sure they didn't know each other before hands? Similar Tats on their inner arms.

I like Diesal better with a little scruff on his face. Baal sees serial killer eyes, I see bedroom eyes. LOL!

I'm looking forward to their next vid on Friday. David said flip flop. Hhhmmm. That would be fun to see.
God damn,diesel and jimmy are hott cant wait to see more and more of them.also shane on cbs is hott put him on more often.where are the other hotts-lane,danny,mike,and anthony?
Welcome to the Forum Myrtle Beach. :thumbup:
They don't allow less than one...

We could all not vote...

Mark has presumably seen the Friday Fuck, and I wondered if he'd stick his neck out in advance and put a number on it, but it was only Sort Of wondering, not Really wondering.