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Who would you like to see an exclusive photo shoot of?

Who would you like to see an exclusive photo shoot of?

  • CJ

    Votes: 20 29.4%
  • AJ & Grant

    Votes: 10 14.7%
  • Danny

    Votes: 29 42.6%
  • AJay

    Votes: 9 13.2%

  • Total voters
Mark... you must have read our comments.. when can we expect to see the photo shoots?
Did I miss the photo set by any chance? (I only get a chance to browse through the forums once or twice a week - sorry if I just overlooked them!)

What Ever Became of Aiden?

Was wondering why Aiden has never been back to make more videos? He was SO GREAT and OPEN to the moment and really seemed to enjoy himself as he went for the moment. Does anyone know if he has appeared on any other sites? - E.J.
I hope everybody will go to this thread and vote:
Poll: Do We Really Act Our Age....A Poll
hello guys i would like to c darren an bobby to get straight to the point all the way because darren would like to go farther with bobby in there photo shoot bobby would like to turn on by darren tongue it would be nice to c bobby get down with it he is so cute an nice body.major48fan:thumbup:
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I think, in my UNBIASED, (cough, cough) opinion, you would probably be right, Denver....(since Ryan NOR Kyler are part of the poll!!!), LOL
Voted for Danny because CJ made more shoots which resulted in a higher quantity of photos ofcourse but I am a big fan of CJ too and it would be appreciated to post the sets of both or better still the complete collection to please all members.Thanks Mark for your efforts.