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Coming out to my parents

I loved reading your response @legend0007, I’m sorry your parents have found it difficult to accept. It is tough, I know. My dad is okay with it he is happy for me I believe but doesn’t talk much about it. My mum on the other hand is much more supportive than I thought. She loves my new partner and is happy I’m happy! In time I hope your parents learn to accept you. I’m glad you have a good fella though! That’s always a positive! X

I feel for you Max. I watch a lot of YouTube and have seen many guys tell their Coming Out stories and most are successful as Burgess was for as I’ve said, our mom’s usually know us the best and in the end our happiness brings them happiness. However I also have seen some stories from ultra religious families and those parents can be totally pig headed about anything that is not exactly to the word written in the Bible of a man and a woman uniting to procreate. Hopefully with time, your parents will come to some understanding however you have to be true to yourself and you are fortunate to have a good man by your side. I sure hope that someday your parents can love you for who you are and not who they want you to be. Much love to you Max. :smiley-love021:
I'd forgot about these messages, I was drinking and on my own - i feel I exaggerate how I feel in those circumstances so don't feel bad for me, and thanks for caring. It's a bit embarrassing reading this and I don't wanna hijack the original post, which is really neat.