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OK, what model is taking Estrogen therapy??

That's from about 5 weeks ago. I'm sure that Price is totally into the whole "being a lady" initiative. I didn't say too much about it at the beginning out of (misplaced) respect, but hell, go figure: he's doing the boob thing on purpose; he's appearing in gay porn with cute dudes who turn him the fuck on; he gets off with something shoved up his bottom, he feathers his hair like Cabaret and he's got an even better handle on how to get the most out of gray shadow than even Danny had. I hope we don't lose track of him and his rock career. Move over Lambert and Poppycock.
I have to agree Slim. Price is one of the more feminine guys to appear on this site, with his emerging boobs, eye makeup, feathered hair, and his desire for objects, (mainly large fleshy objects) placed in his bottom. That is why when he plays the macho straight guy role in his banter at the beginning of his video's, I laugh. :001_rolleyes:

As he is transforming from young man into young lady, it is odd that his porn career would start on Broke Straight Boys, but he appears to be popular here, so more power to him!
Price is a guy who loves cock and loves his cock, and is aggressive about being sucked and fucked and sucking. However, he has small man-boobs... just cause they haven't changed during the episodes we've watched, I'd still peg him as the estrogen enhanced Broke Straight Boys, over other choices... however, his obvious aggressive sexuality is a puzzle if he's taking estrogen... I would assume it would dampen his aggressiveness....

My guess would be Ashton! Although I think he would make aone fugly lady:thumbdown:

He is hot as a guy but would not cut it as a chck with a dick!:001_tt2:
Hey everyone. I get to see many guys in the dorm showers and at the gym, some have bugger man boobs than Price. Especially the guy trying to bulk up for sports. They work their arms and legs and the chest does not get the attention it deserves. Plus I remember in high school a guy who was thin had man boobs. There is a name for the disorder but I can't remember it, any medical people out there in Broke Straight Boys land? The kid got picked on a lot until we found out it was a medical condition.
I'm going to bump this thread up because it has been mentioned elsewhere recently. I cannot imagine why I did not get involved in this discussion apart from the last comment. Pryce was actually one of my favs during this period and I look back at all the comments that were made and thing how nasty they are. First of all one has to ask was the comment David made tongue in cheek or one of his off the cuff remarks that he often made. Secondly Pryce was a member of a band so it is not unusual for a guy in a band to wear makeup. Thirdly I cannot see any evidence from Undies pics of breast enhancement.

Out of all the comments that were made I think Marky Mark's were probably the more accurate.

Guess David lead you round the houses on this one.