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Members area and server upgrade


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
Hope within 2 weeks we will be moved to a completely new hosting company. We will be on all brand new state of the art servers and you should see a big speed increase on the sites. You guys shouldn't notice any downtime but might see some weird issues during the transfer. I will let you know when we start to transfer things over so you can let us know of any issues.

We are also working on programming the members area into something called mem cache. This will greatly speed up the site because you can download a video which will be stored in virtual memory and wont even have to access any hard drives. We hope to have the mem cache programming done in a couple months.

Thanks Mark!

On more thing to look forward to as we wind down through the older vids on the way to HD. :001_smile:
Might be a nice idea to give old members a free month for all of the very old videos that have been on. I've been about to discontinue my membership, but I'm sticking it out.
Is there a reason that some of the bonus sites; e.g., "Gay Blind Date," "Miami Studios," and "His First Facial" aren't updated?
I doubt whether it had anything to do with your site but I got an average of 1.47mbs download speed on todays Tanner/Justin film. Pretty fast stuff for a pair of copper wires.
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