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Is Twice The New Once?


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Oct 24, 2008
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Is there going t o be new content twice a week officially from now on? It always used to stress on teh site that a month ora fortnight had twice weekly updates as a special treat but now it just doesn't seem to be ending. Not that I want it to. I'm just wondering if that's the new normal or April is another bonus month...
I know I wouldn't complain if thrice was the new once :tongue_smilie:

Ill be the 1st for voting that thrice be the new once
Once, Twice, Thrice

Everytime I see these posts I keep forgetting we're talking about weekly updates and not how many times we should be making our partners cum!!!!

I love Mark and D&E having enough footage to keep us squirting twice weekly..... God bless a bad economy making more Broke Straight Boys's than they can normally handle.

That being said, THRICE IS NICE!!!!

Love you guys,

That was great news, the confirmation. I'm a lifetime member anyways but more is better...
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THANX, Mark keep up the great work. :thumbup1: