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Is BSB Shawn now known as Johnny Torque?


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Jun 30, 2010
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OK porn sleuths, tell me what you think of this:

Remember BSB1 model Shawn? Here's a pic of him from when he appeared here:


OK, got it? Good. Now, there's a model on Next Door Twink that goes by the name Johnny Torque, and I'm wondering if it's our Shawn. I see a lot of similarities, and if it is him, he's buffed out, added a couple tats, and has become a take-charge top and not the shy guy he always was here.

Here's a link to a video preview of his latest scene on Next Door Twink:


And here's a link of a scene he did with our favorite Broke Straight Boys bottom boy Anthony:


And this is his profile page: http://www.nextdoortwink.com/en/Johnny-Torque/pornstar/8927

Anyway, I was just curious what you guys think. If I'm right, and this is Shawn, we could file it under the "Where are they now?" column.
Sorta close but "no cigar"!

They look alot alike but I don't think it's Shawn.

Dear fellow forumites,

Shawn was one of my favorites when I joined back in March 2010. Back then, he was famous for his fat cock that puffed out in the middle rather than having a mostly straight shaft like most guys. Also, he would beat it within an inch of his life. David got so tickled during one of his episodes that he started laughing and called him a "monkey boy" and totally lost it viewing Shawn's technique. I can't imagine his technique changing much even today.

I'd refer you to this episode [video]
http://members.Broke Straight Boys.com/play/NDI3/brian-&-shawn-(hd)[/video] as the final defining moment.


There are some similarities. But I don't think it's Shawn. And Shawn had a bigger dick than this guy. haha
I thought the same thing about the dick size comparison, but the reason I was still uncertain is because since "Johnny Torque" is more filled out and buffed, maybe that's why the dick looks smaller.

They do look eerily similar though, don't they? Maybe they're related a la Mikey and Anthony.
I was going to start a new thread on Shawn but decided to search and see if he had already been discussed. I remember Shawn not only from here but also College Boy Physicals. I just ran across a video where he bottomed raw with Drake Rock. Yes, he does have more tatts but the identifier is the unique tatt he has on his left leg. Some of these boys sure do make the circuit.

Tattoos: I myself have nine of them. I find them addictive and love guys who sport them. However, a tattoo is the same as having your personal SS number permanently imprinted on your body. Criminals have been identified by theirs as well as porn stars. The more recent ones that come to mind are Johnny Forza, Vadim Black and Scott Harbor. Gosh, even Popeye had the anchor tattoos on his arms which immediately identified him as a sailor man.

Guess by now you have figured I am having a lazy boring day, surfing the web for porn and trivia. Have a good Sunday, Ya'll.
BTW - Shawn Torque is definitely NOT our Shawn (Lane).