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Get their hands off their dicks for at least a couple of pics, please!


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Jan 29, 2012
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I prefer looking at still pics of single models. It drives me crazy when the guy who is jacking off has his cock covered by his hand in EVERY picture. Can't the director or whoever is behind the camera take a moment to pose the model in a nice, sexy, arrogant pose with his hand not covering his cock? Maybe hands in a fist on his hips or something, I don't know. But let's see his cock and balls in at least a few of the photos!
Like this one of Ross?


Or this one of CHAD?:001_wub:

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Hey Handsoff,

I do admit that you have a point with asking for more hands free shots of models. Especially in solos. There are definitely some models (even in solos) who never do show us a good view in that way. I found a few in that category just doing some quick checking. I took it as a matter of research though (lol) to find out if hands free shots of models were unusual here. Just among the handful of models that I looked at though I found hands free shots for many of them. Among the less than 10 that I looked at I had to conclude that hands free shots of the models were more common than not. Whether it's a ratio of 60%-40%, 70-30, 55-45, 65-35, I have no idea.

But here are some that I very happily did find. :)


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