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What's the weather like.


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Oct 25, 2008
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Kincheloe, MI
Feel free to tell is what your weather is like today. And thank you. :biggrin:
its dark and cold.... no rain at the moment its 3:50am... i was going to bed till i refreshed the chats

bad mistake
Sunday 5/24/09 It's sunny and 60 degrees. It is a beautiful day in my neighbor hood. How is in your neighbor hood?
It's eighty-eight degrees here in Phoenix, AZ, at one PM. One thing I'm still not really used to here is that noon isn't the hottest part of the day, like it is everywhere else I've lived. The temp here keeps on climbing until it peaks some time around dinner...
rain rain rain. 3:40pm sunday. it seems to rain just about everyday here lately
I would gladly trade weather with you. Our recent day of rain was a very rare treat...
I would gladly trade weather with you. Our recent day of rain was a very rare treat...
I would love to trade some weather with you to. I've been in Phoenix in the summer. The devil himself moves north in the summer.lol :shocked:
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Why would he when it literally feels like Hell in Phoenix?
Baal, you mentioned the peak of the day as far as temperatures go. Up here in Seattle during the late Spring and Summer months we peak our high for the day around 6pm. During the winter it is usually 4pm.
As I posted on the other thread, we made it up to the mid 70's today and supposed to see the dry pattern continue into next weekend.
it's 65 and sunny here today. I hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day. And I would like to thank all the VET'S out there for your service to our country. God Bless you us all.
Its 6am here still dark
its ...... 13 degrees Celsius = 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit

No rain or wind ......... as for anything else i dont know yet
16 degrees Celsius = 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit

Overcast chilly and wet this .........wednesday afternoon In Wollongong Australia @ 2:45pm

About 90min drive from Sydney
Hi all! Another nice day here today. A little cloudy but we still managed to get up to about 68. Now we are in for a warming trend through early next week. Temps to be in the mid to upper 70's and yeah, no rain.
Rainy and cold out. 54 degrees.:crying:
14 degrees Celsius = 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit

So its dark chilly and wet this .........Thursday morning In Wollongong Australia

About 90min drive from Sydney
101. No wind. No what a dry heat means? That it's just like your oven...
48. and cloudy. summer is over with.lol
Not bad here today. We made it up to about 70. Suppose to be bumping up close, if not to 80 the next couple of days. I love this kind of weather. Dry and warm.