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Mike and Diesel

Would you like to see Mike and Diesel in a two-way flip-flop?

  • Don't make me barf!

    Votes: 9 23.7%
  • I've soiled the front of my boxers just thinking about it!

    Votes: 20 52.6%
  • I could take it or leave it.

    Votes: 9 23.7%
  • Who are Mike and Diesel?

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Jul 21, 2010
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I would like to vote for no more Mike and Diesal until they do a flip-flop scene. Just the two of them (I really don't like threeways--let the bottom sing for crying out loud).
Mike and Leon

I think that would be the hottest flip/flop scene ever:thumbup::thumbup:
it would be hot, but its not going to happen because mike doesnt work for Broke Straight Boys anymore. and as far as saying no more until they do a flip flop, i just dont think that would float my boat either. mike and diesal are great guys, they can do whatever they want
i assume robbins, since diesal and Mike Robbins just seem to go hand in hand......plus both of them never bottom, and that seems to be what these guys always want, that which cant be had.
I've had my fill of Diesal and aside the great scenes with Jimmie I didn't care for anything else he did. my answer is NO
I can't think of anything worse than those two flip flopping. Individually they are the bee's knees. Together not so much, unless they are tag teaming someone....
i wouldn't want to watch that. diesal i could watch all day long. mike r, no.
I wouldn't care to see that. I have a hard time with either of them bottoming. Topping in a four way, while not my fav to watch, would certainly be sexy with the right bottoms, with both guys able to really let their freak flags fly.
i agree with deidra, diesal and mike r would be fun to party with, but im not completely sure i could watch them fuck each other. however, i think they would do a better job tag teaming some other poor soul. maybe there is a scene like that in the can.....! lol well back to getting fucked up so i can come back here and post more about how i hate women
There is indeed a scene like that one already in the can. And it's a good one too! Diesal and Mike tag teaming Jimmy. Note: Jimmy...Not Jimmie. Different model.

Check out "Diesal, Jimmy and Mike" ~ November 28,2009 Notice how straight boy Mike is just mesmerized by staring at Diesal's dick. lol


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Busted! LOL Poor Mike just can't help himself. lol :blink:

Mike and Diesal tag teaming. :001_tt1:

Now that's togetherness! :drool: I think Mike was having a good time that day.


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i wouldn't want to watch that. diesal i could watch all day long. mike r, no.

I side with zyl84 on this one.

My resons being I don't like Mike R.
If you have read some of my other posts I posted on the which model to go thread and said my thoughts about Mike R.
Another reason is because Diesal just is not a bottom period.
YAY for him to have tried it that once but he just isn't a bottom.

Those are my thoughts and hope it doesn't offend anyone.
Diesal has bottomed before, and as I recall, at the end, he said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. I think he is a guy who would grow into being a hot versatile once he got used to bottoming. I personally found that to be one of the hottest videos on this site, and have been hoping he would try it again soon. I have almost universally not liked tag teaming, and there is a lot of that on this site. I want to hear the bottom, not a muffled bottom. I'm having a hard time recalling any flip-flop scenes that didn't involve one of the guys not being able to get hard.

Yes, I was speaking of Mike R. I find him to be a bit cocky, which makes me want to see him get tagged REALLY badly.

I think both Mike and Diesal are a bit overexposed, at least as tops.
I don't want to see Diesal bottom ever again. Once was enough. I don't like watching anyone bottom who really doesn't seem into it. He may have said he didn't mind it, but he seemed totally uncomfortable the entire time and I just couldn't get behind it. Just my humble opinion.