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flip flop

  1. cumrag27

    Jason Matthews always brings out the best in his partners including Ian!

    Jason Matthews once again really out-performed himself for the record books. So did his many streams of soaring hot cum at the hot conclusion. I think Jason has the gift to please! Just ask Ian Dempsey! Sincerely appreciative, Stimpy
  2. N

    Mike and Diesel

    I would like to vote for no more Mike and Diesel until they do a flip-flop scene. Just the two of them (I really don't like threeways--let the bottom sing for crying out loud).
  3. B

    Austin & Jimmy!!!!!

    Austin bottoming and a flip flop involved? Another winner from the boys at BSB! I started getting a chubby from the synopsis alone and seeing the screen caps on the individual 'chapters. Thank you, BSB. Thank you!