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  1. N

    Mike and Diesel

    I would like to vote for no more Mike and Diesel until they do a flip-flop scene. Just the two of them (I really don't like threeways--let the bottom sing for crying out loud).
  2. M

    Tony and Diesel

    Tony and Diesel. :o Honestly the two reasons why I joined BSB. o_o;; Someone second this motion! :D At least second the motion that Diesel should bottom again. :D
  3. J

    Diesel and Jimmy--Holy fucking shit! *****

    First I thought Sebastian and Alex was the ultimate, then it was Dustin and the dude with the glasses. But Diesel and Jimmy? That is the new one to beat on BSB! Those two are not only the sexiest models on here, but they were soooo into each other, I couldn't fucking believe it. I've seen it...