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Kevin on CBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 13, 2009
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Hey, looked around to see if anyone had posted about Kevin on College Boy Physicals! Saw nothing...sorry if I missed it.

OMFG! What a hot, sexy fucker he is, hehe! Handsome witha great body, sweet smile and hairy legs that drive me up the wall, lol! His pointy flaccid cock grows very nicely, as does mine! Love to know what you members think...also, as a fan, would love to be able to contact him...probably a nono, lol! But never stopped me before. DAMN, I could stare at him for hours, hard as a rock and leaking like a river, lol! Yepper...thats just me!
There was a lot of talk about Kevin, the thread is "Kevin- College Physicals." You should check it out there was several pages of adoration.:thumbup:
thanks!~ I'llk check it out...sorry, I was gone for awhile.