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Ken & Jeremy


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Jul 20, 2009
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A fine couple with passion. Jeremy, with an perfect slendor lean body equipped with a magnificent package of hangning nuts under a fat plump succulent cock and Ken, the straight with all the technique and niceties a passionate cocksucker can have for his partner. They both earned and enjoyed high marks with Ken leading in cocksucking drawing Jeremy up to a five volley deluge of fresh hot young cum with his quick strokes, saliva drops, and a deft 69 bringing Jeremy's hefty bulbous cockhead up tight . . . so nice.
Ken really put out introducing some new ways. Jeremy, I could take anytime enjoying especially his soft cock tending itself in a patient warm mouth.:001_tt2:
Damn. Not the most exciting episode but I think I'm falling for Jeremy. What a nice guy he seems to be! And he's so earnest about making his money and enjoys himself. I swear that he wanted Ken's dick to shoot in his mouth. He nearly didn't pull off it. If only all straight guys knew what fun they could have with each other if they just loosened up on the "I'm not gay" bullshit. It's really just the next base from a tackle. Isn't it?
Great scene

Wow! These two had real chemistry!!! They were both into each other and did their best to make sure their partner was enjoying the service. It was great when Ken almost shot in Jeremy's mouth. In fact if Ken had not grab his dick a the last moment, I think that Jeremy would have gladly eaten his huge load. I also loved how Jeremy took control when it was his turn to shoot. He put Ken on his knees and what a load he put on his chest. You could really tell they were both into each other big time. Great shoot..:thumbup:
I really liked this scene, the chemistry between the two was clear.... They had a good time with each other and there were several times it was really HOT!!! I liked Ken from College Boy Physicals and also liked him today in this scene, but for me the winner in this is Jeremy!!! I am total taken by him. I love the fact he is HOT, and willing to go for it, laid back and kind of cool with it all. Please don't shave him either, it is nice to have a guy with some hair on his face, it totally works for him. I for one am very happy with Jeremy and when he is done shooting for you guys please send him here to CA for me!!! Love that boy!!!
Send Jeremy back home to Texas! To me! I need a husband!
Seriously though, Jeremy is quickly becoming my all time favorite. Jeremy has such a hot body, is so cute, is so genuine, such a gentleman, and what a performer! I'd give him a 10 if that were possible.
Too bad he was wasted on this loser Ken. Yes, Ken is hot physically, but that's about it. Aside from looking good, he brought very little to his shoot. I think any good gay man would have had no problem getting and maintaining an erection while being offered such a hot and talented partner. What a pity and a waste. I hope that if these two come back for an anal shoot, that they give Ken a Viagra before the shoot!
I saw the potential for a really outstanding shoot, but much like his performances on College Boy Physicals, Ken seemed at a loss. This shoot perfectly displays what I have often said before. Gay boys on this site don't particularly bring much to a Broke Straight Boys shoot! Ken's limp dick for most of this shoot certainly brings that point home!
And Ken as an aspiring medical student is a load of crap! I suppose that it is true that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool ALL the people ALL of the time.
Kudos to Jeremy!
Damn again. I was hoping that I'd have Jeremy all to myself. Guess the rest of you like him too. I'm thinking husband material. I'd gladly be a stay-at-home dad for him and our children.
Right you are

Check this link out. Isn't Ken the doctor ?


Dearest jon,

This fact doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out. Yes indeed, and seeing Ken featured in this shoot bothered me all throughout the scene knowing his role in College Boy Physicals. This isn't the first time that a regular on College Boy Physicals has been attempted to be passed off as a "Broke Straight Boys model". Jeremy did another great scene for us and I was delighted to see the goatee again.


This isn't the first time that a regular on College Boy Physicals has been attempted to be passed off as a "Broke Straight Boys model".
My guess is that when we see a guy on College Boy Physicals first, and later on the futon as a "newbie" to David's futon, is that the Broke Straight Boys scene was filmed, and held to be released until after we saw the College Boy Physicals scene, but I do believe that when David welcomes them to the studio for the first time, it is their first scene filmed.

Currently College Boy Physicals scenes are released much closer to filming time than the Broke Straight Boys scenes, but that will apparently all change with the new studio filming Broke Straight Boys
Just saw Ken in a preview at coolgaymovies.com He was sitting on Castro's huuuuuuuge dick at It's Gonna Hurt.