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Santos & Cameron


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Jul 20, 2009
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Couldn't take my eyes off Santos. A quiet kid. Gorgeous physic with a package that grabs eye balls in the shower: hung with a mouthful of cock soft which when hard, arched itself headed by a succulent bulbous cockhead . . . He showered a deluge of fresh hot young cum . . . .hot hot hot:001_rolleyes:
Great update. Too bad Cameron didn't cum, but he made Santos cum. Santos is sexy. Cameron is good looking too. I prefer a lil tan on my men.
two hot guys............but.............

The scene had great potential as both guys are very hot, but unfortunately Cameron's lack of a hardon and cum shot, was rather disappointing. I would certainly hope that Cameron was paid more than the usual obligatory parting gifts of rice-a-roni, etc. as he gave Santos an incredible blowjob. But Cameron's "soft on" left me a bit on the limp side as well. Oh well. I guess that's the human element here. They are not machines, but flesh and blood young guys, and it doesn't always turn out the way we all would have liked.
Love these guys both, but unfortunately because Cameron couldn't get hard AND couldn't even cum, the scene should have never been released. This is, after all porn, and soft dicks and inability to cum should not be released in a scene.

I don't want to focus on the negative, and I do think both these guys are beautiful, hot, and wonderful. But, no matter how great a guy is, if he can't get it up (and can't cum), he needs to come back another day.