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College Physicals: Jared & Cox


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Jul 20, 2009
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It is encouraging to us all that every once in a while they have a model with a normal dick-size, something any guy can handle, that does not embareass the rest of us who have normal sized dicks that may not be camera ready.
This kid, Jared, has a gorgeous slendor Scandinavian body, a neat straight away face, and a normal sized dick with a normal up-tight nut sac. The idiot appearing Dr. is finally good at cocksucking and, behold, gets the kid offfff in about three minutes. And, in good patient-Dr. relations, the kid sucks the Dr.'s normal sized hard cock, though concentrating his thin locked lips around the cockhead, defualts to the Dr. jerking himself off for a nice deluge of fresh hot cum splattered all over his chest. I'd love to have dinner with the kid.:001_rolleyes:
Another good one for College Boy Physicals. :biggrin:

I think you guys should all go to you doctor's offices, with sore wrists, and the complaint of not being able to jerk off, and see how many get help with that. Since Undie would probably get helped out, he could start the poll, and we could call it Broke Straight Boys's first experiment.:w00t:
I agree with Slim and the rest. Jared is a beautiful "boy next door" type guy! Great body, broad shoulders, nice build with a sweet cock and treasure trail. Nice personality too! Hope to see much more of him!!
Dr. Cox!!!

Forget about the patient.....Dr. Cox is beautiful. I am sure in line to make an appointment with Dr. Cox!