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Mikey & Nathan


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Jul 20, 2009
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A very social engagement between two nice well equipped guys, especially Mikey who resembles a young slendor Greek Spartan, parading nude at the opening of the Olimpic games, flopping his bulbous hot cock for all to see. Nathan deserves special awards for sustaining his suck-off of Mikey's prodigious cock topped with a to-die-for cockhead until he shot a deluge of fresh hot young cum while Mikey stroked his cock and caressed his bobbing head. Both nice guys. Both sharing and caring. Both enjoying each other.:001_smile:
When I saw this pairing, I was prepared to not like it, as they are both very experienced models who have "done it all" in the past, but Mikey stole the show, and made me enjoy his performance.

Although the straight boys are what brings me to the site, Mike is an exception. He is tall, extremely handsome, with a body that I really, really like, and of course a "stunt dick" that is amazing to watch. But if I had to choose a favorite part of Mike, I would have to say it is his handsome face. While Nathan was sucking his cock, David kept Mike's face in the scene the whole time, and he is beautiful. I found myself staring at his beautiful face more than his beautiful dick.

Nathan reminds me a bit of Preston, who both claim to be straight, but seem to be better bottoms on the site. I did watch Logan fuck Nathan in an old scene yesterday, and I think "the lady protesteth too much", about getting fucked, as his groans of discomfort turned to moans of delight. I imagine that if we see a "rematch" between Mikey and Nathan, the gay boy with the long sword will make Nathan moan again.

But to me, Mike was the star here, and I'm always happy to see him in a scene, (preferably to break in a newbie next time), and I also love to read Mikey's thread on the forum, as he along with MikeR, has always been extremely polite, and responsive to all posters on the forum. And as Tampa told us after meeting Mike at a Broke Straight Boys event several months ago, Mike is as nice and sweet in person, as he is photogenic on camera. To coin a phrase, "I like Mike". :001_tt2:

Just a note, that I really enjoy the pre and post sex banter very much. I recall reading that some viewers of this site, fast forward through the talk to get to the sex, but I like to get to "know" the models, and it makes the sex hotter to me. Mike's story about the bathhouse in Atlanta, and Nathan mentioning that one of the member's approached him in a Walmart in Arizona, (TusconJayce) for an autograph really interest me. And David's somewhat goofy, (politically incorrect) sense of humor was displayed during this banter. Nathan also mentioned that he shot his last scene with Logan on May 3, 2009, and I had coincidently viewed that scene yesterday, and it was released on July 15, 2009, so if those dates are correct, there is sometimes a shorter lag time than we realized. Anyway, I really enjoy the conversation between David and the boys as well, and I was overall very pleased with this scene.
This ones hot I liked everything about it!! David you did good! Mikey Hot as ever! Nathans looking good! and the toot toped it off!!!!
Two very hot, very nice guys. Nathan's voice and/or vocal mannerisms remind me of Mike Myer's.
Mike Myers after getting chest groomed

Two very hot, very nice guys. Nathan's voice and/or vocal mannerisms remind me of Mike Myer's.

Dear yabba,

Such a keen observation. Now that you mention it, I can see Mike Myers' characteristics too. Very perceptive!
I liked the was Mike and Nathan chatted with each other. It made see like you were watching friends having some fun at home. Great seen! Super cum shots for both.
love Nathan... always an excellent bottom... can't stand Mikey... Yuck !
So good to see both Mikey and Nathan back. Mikey always brings some fun to a scene. Teaming these two cuties was a great idea. Really looking forward to more from both.
Nathan is the man

love Nathan... always an excellent bottom... can't stand Mikey... Yuck !

Dear Erikthhood,

I have always shared your appreciation for Nathan. He has a great sense of humor and puts everybody at ease. But, he has a good body and is among the best bottoms we have on Broke Straight Boys I don't know if he acquired his bottoming skills while in the Navy or not, but he sure has a nack and I greatly appreciate his wife/girlfriend giving him the space to practice his art, as he still identifies his sexual preference as straight.

Unfortunately, it seems that the "top" all too often becomes the star and the "bottom" is all to readily overlooked - a necessary evil so to speak. So much is owed to bottoms for making the fuck scene really work for the enjoyment of all.

Mike did a credible job, but I have never been attracted to Mike or his monster cock nor the big fuss made over Mike. Mike's cousin, however, is another story. Despite commonly held views on this site, I find Mike's cousin the "sexy one" in the family. I believe his name is Anthony???? (I just am not sure of his exact name.) Mike's cousin seems much more approachable and down to earth in his scenes.