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Johnny, Did You Take Off Your Pants While Filming?!


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Oct 1, 2011
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DFW, Texas
Now, I can understand why you would be removing clothing during this College Dudes scene...Sam and Alex are beyond hot! About 1/3 of the way in, the guys are naked, and the microphone picks up "someone" getting out of their pants...just sayin'. As for the pairing, I didn't think either of them was going to stop sucking, nice. Please next time when they go off to shower, get in the fucking shower with them and film; damnit man, it's your mission in life after all!:bump:

I didn't forget about that Beth... Some shoots are schedules back to back with no extra time at all...this last trip it seemed like every time I had time to do it after the scene, both models weren't jumping right in the shower...could have got just one by themselves but figured I'd wait till the next trip to get EXACTLY what you want...plus, it makes it that much better if I make you wait (and beg) for it- ha ha ha. No, I did not remove any clothing during any scene...I'm not sure what it was you heard but I assure you I leave my pants on during shooting...unless of course I need to transform my body into a tripod to get a really steady shot - hahahahaha....ill start throwing in some post sex showering off stuff - your on my to do list
Shit, music to my ears...lips! Ugh, you know what I mean...:bump: And please have Sam and Alex in more scenes...fuckin' edible!

Sounds to me, Ms. Beth, you had better wear a bib and a nappy.
Sounds to me, Ms. Beth, you had better wear a bib and a nappy.

Oh trust me, this was a definitely "squirtable" scene; almost like a threesome...but two didn't know about it. Just sayin':blushing: