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Helpful tips on making a good post


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
One of my main goals this year is to get more traffic to the sites and this message board. I thought I would include some helpful tips on how to create a good post. Search engines will now crawl the message board which means every post will be in Google. Most of the traffic the board is going to be from search engines to keep that in mind.


A good page title is everything. You want the title to be descriptive and have keywords related to your post. It want to explain what the thread will be about in great detail about a sense long.

Use full names of models. I have added every model into the message board so if you type any model first and last name it will link to the models bio. Like if I type Adam Baer it will link to his bio.

Use pictures whenever possible. A post is always better with pictures.

The first sentence in the thread is also super important. This is also what search engines will pick up on. Usually at least the first sentence and some of the second one.

Create a good discussion and follow up. Keep the thread active as long as you can.

Any questions or comments let me know.

Thanks for posting and thanks for being a huge part of Broke Straight Boys and this message board.