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Corey and Mike


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Jul 20, 2009
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Mike is always a real team player. A pleasure to be with and have around, especially when you'e:lol:r deep throating his plum-headed hard cock.

But Corey is the soft spoken quiet and talented kid who knows how to really really suck to the limited a cock like Mike's -- all the way and holding it.

Then he takes it up his butt, giving of himself until he leans forward to suck the nectar from Mike's spent cock. A performance of deepth and romance.
Great show! Wouldn't change a thing. Wow can Corey handle a cock!!! That was great. Hope you bring hime back.
Great shoot....Corey gets hard and stays hard and really seems to enjoy getting fucked. That makes all the difference. Mike was his same old self. A sad farewell, but a great exit.
"...All too soon, it was time to get down to the fucking..." Truer words, David. This particular video was almost spectacular for the oral portion alone. I could have watched much more of Corey and his incredible performance, and not have counted the time wasted. Bravo Corey. And Mike, well, if you must already have a swan song, I say, make it a good one, and you did. David, you had just the right amount of banter to keep it interesting. The climaxes were, well, as Mike said, call him Old Faithful, and we can call Corey's blast a Titan Rocket. Well Done, all!
At This saddest of times...enough said for me anyway!

I am simply satisfied to read the accounting above. I say this being totally "unjudgemental" towards any member. That description is more than sufficient for me at this saddest of times!


I only watched the beginning of the shoot. The erotic portion I didn't want to see at this time. I was looking for possible hints as to Mike's mindset.

Mike wore the t-shirt with the print of the skeleton from an old medical illustration. Many will remember that same t-shirt in his vid with Josh. I didn't think much of it when he wore that shirt the first time. After all, rockers for instance, often find death imagery cool.

But since I'm sure Mike was well aware that he had worn that same shirt once before in a Broke Straight Boys vid, was this some kind of message?

Mike used to have very short hair. Almost a military cut. Was his longer hair in his last shoots a sign that his appearance didn't mean so much to him anymore?

Of course I might be reading too much into what is pure coincidence. We often try to make sense out of the unimaginable.
Mike will be missed by all of us

It was truly another memorable performance by Mike. He was everything a Broke Straight Boys should model themselves after. I'd like to know where he got the shirt as it was part of his appearance & he was always aware of the camera's angles & he did care about it. I think he wanted a new style of hair to show he was maturing & when you move out & you have a ton of car repairs you have to make choices but it was groomed so it was a new Mike & he did have it in other scenes & College Boy Physicals scene. Corey was in pleasure but at a short instant I was thinking why wasn't the futon opened up. But I do remember the tag team with Scott & Jordan they did have it up for his initial penetration with Scott. Was it something he preferred?So many things I enjoyed & this was truly a full embodiment of what Mike was- caring, enjoying, laughing & having a great time. Mike shine down on us & give us a sign that everything is a-okay. PEACE MY FRIEND!:thumbup1:
I enjoyed this shoot. Mike gave another of his wonderful performances. Plus, i thougt he looked particularly hot! As for Corey, it was the first time I kind of like him. Maybe because I was really not paying that much attention to him, but rather to the star of the hour, dear sweet Mike. Bravo Mikey, where ever you are!