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CBP Blast from the past

Denny Bear

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Oct 20, 2008
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Sioux City, IA
Well folks are you ready to say WOW? Tell me if this picture brings back fond memories. While checking out the members favorites on College Boy Physicals I had the good pleasure of reliving a blast from the past in the Danny and Dustin video. All I can say is thank God for bonus sites and archives.


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College Boy Physicals has become unwatchable. Each new update is exactly the same as the one before. While most of the models are attractive, how many times must we watch Dr. F maul the patient?? More action and less Dr. F please.
What a beautiful beautiful man; I wish he would film again, but I know that's only in my dreams :(.
I loved Danny's happy trail and furry legs. He's one of my favorite BSBs of all time. The Broke Straight Boys party series he did with Tyler and Nelson was exceptional. Danny would always protest about bottoming, but always seemed to enjoy it anyway.