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austin here


BSB Model
BSB Model
May 15, 2010
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checking in on your guys. i got my profile half way started. ill get more going for ya. stay tuned.
Hi Austin,
Welcome to the forum :thumbup:
Even if you didn't have anything in your profile we would still be happy (ecstatic) to see you here :thumbup:
Welcome to the Forum, Austin! So good to see you here!
Hi Austin and welcome to the forum. We have been waiting for you. ;-)
This is very cool. Welcome to the forums! Something tells me it's about to get a lot more fun around here. :thumbup:

checking in on your guys. i got my profile half way started. ill get more going for ya. stay tuned.

Okay I'm gonna be a creeper for two seconds and say that you're my freakin' hero. Aaaand I'm done now.
Hey Austin,

Welcome to the forum. We're so happy to have you here. :thumbup:
Big Gay Welcome

Thanks for joining the forum. We certainly enjoy when you guys share any more time and info with us.

Austin, terrific news mister. I had the idea that you were taking a break from modeling, but if this means your break is over (and you're gonna be hitting the futon for more filming) there's gonna be a celebration in the forum like none other.
Waiting to see how evil your avatar is.
Welcome home hottie.​
Welcome Austin... really glad your here! You are by far my favorite on Broke Straight Boys Your film with Slater is the bench mark by which all other films are judged. None ever come up to that!!! I guess for me it's because I'm a Ky. dude and I have always had a soft spot you Tn. guys.... ! Really just glad to know your staying in touch.
Hello Austin, how is my homeboy from tennessee? glad to see you in the forum. still trying come back down to earth, after meeting you, diesal and sha, in long beach. welcome!
Welcome to the Forum Austin...:thumbup::001_wub:
Welcome Austin

Besides all of your physical attributes, I guess I most admire your straight-forward approach to life. In your interviews and other appearances, you don't hedge and you fully accept responsibility without hesitation. How refreshing and genuine! I think of you as an icon for Broke Straight Boys and your fellow models. You have star quality. Welcome to the forum.
Good news from a neighbor to the north (TENN. GA)

Austin, I too had the impression that you were no longer going to be making any more videos for Broke Straight Boys, and that still may be the case.

I went back to the first Austin Grant appearance on the episodes and followed you in one day all the way to your last one with Jimmy. WoW!! What a grown up man you have become, I just really enjoy you as you show professionalism in everything you do, not just the sex acts but in your expressions, your touching of yourself and the other models and your eye contact. Jeff V is another forumite along with mikeyank, slim and tampa that pay close attention to the small things (not talking about cocks and certainly not in your case) you and some other models do that make the scenes a lot more interesting and appealing.

Thanks Austin for joining your fans, we all look forward to spending some time with you here! :thumbup: :001_tt1: :thumbup:

Welcome to the Forum. May you have as much fund answering questions as we have asking them.

Live Long and Prosper,