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New Erotic Story


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Nov 28, 2010
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It's been a while since I posted a story. I had a severe case of writer's block and could not come up with anything I liked. I hope you all enjoy it.

A Night With Luke
Luke had been my best friend since 4th grade. We did everything together. Well, almost everything. Since I hit puberty, I knew I was attracted to men, but Luke had never shown any sign of this and even seemed a little homophobic at times. I couldn’t tell him. He was the one I wanted. The desire only grew over the years. I had never worked up the nerve to approach anyone to have sex with, let alone him. Our friendship meant everything. I couldn’t admit to him that I wanted him. He would turn on me and I will have lost my best friend.

One night, Luke came to my house while my parents were out of town. I didn’t want to go with them. He didn’t call first and I didn’t invite him. He just showed up, looking troubled.

“Hey, Mike,” he said. “I need your help.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, seeing he was obviously troubled.

“I had a fight with my dad,” he said. “He threw me out of the house. Mom’s out of town on business, so I couldn’t go there.”

I knew Luke had disagreed with his father ever since his mother divorced him. Luke’s dad is not the model father, but because his mother traveled so much, Luke had to live with his dad. They have never been close, but he had never kicked Luke out before. What could have been so bad to push him to this extreme? I decided to ask Luke about it.

“What made him throw you out?” I asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now,” he answered looking away, obviously uncomfortable with the question. “Do you think your parents would let me stay here tonight?”

“They’re not here”, I said. “They and my sister went out of town for the weekend. I made an excuse to stay.”

“Oh”, he said, looking surprised and a little uncomfortable. “Well, do you think they would mind under the circumstances?”

“I’m sure they would be fine with it.”

“Thanks”, Luke said, still sounding somewhat nervous and uncomfortable. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but it was obvious that he was a little nervous after I told him we were alone in the house.

I let him use my shower first while I fantasized about being in there with him. Little did my family know, let alone Luke, that I really stayed home for a weekend alone for fantasy and self pleasuring. I was going to dream about being with Luke all weekend and get off until I had no more cum to shoot. I had long wanted some alone time to do just that. As he showered, I imagined rubbing my hands all over his body, holding him to both show my desire for him and to comfort him. I wanted to take away his pain and love him in every way possible for all time. I imagined him stepping out of the shower, his hot body still glistening from the water that clung to his fair skin. I could see his blond hair matted to his head as he approached me, put his hand behind my head, and pulled my trembling lips to his and kissed my trembling lips.

Suddenly, the sound of his voice called me back to reality. He had gotten out of the shower and dried off, and I didn’t hear it because I was daydreaming. There was barely enough time to hide my boner before he rounded the corner. Luke was wearing only a pair of shorts. I had seen him shirtless before, but I was already hot for him, so seeing this only made me want him that much more.

“All yours, Mike”, he said. “I’ll scout out a place to sleep.”

“Sleep in here”, I insisted. “I’ll get the air mattress out when I get out of the shower.”

“You sure?” he asked. “I could sleep in one of the other rooms.”

“Stay in here”, I said. “If anyone finds out you’ve been in their bed while they were gone, they might not like it, especially Kristen. You know how she is.”

I got in the shower and leaned against the wall as the warm spray fell over my naked body. I imagined it was Luke’s body heat as he held me tight. Naturally, I was fully erect in no time at all. I wanted so badly to have him. If I couldn’t have him, at least I could get myself off thinking about it. I contemplated stroking in the shower since I wouldn’t be alone tonight after all, but then something caught my eye. I could see Luke’s reflection in the mirror through a very small opening in the shower curtain. He was sitting on the edge of my bed wiping tears from his eyes. His pain moved me and for all the urges I had for him physically, the only thing I could think about now was comforting my best friend.

“To hell with it”, I thought to myself as my erection subsided and I got out of the shower, dried off, and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt before going out to him. Luke didn’t even hear me turn off the shower, nor did he hear me come out of the bathroom. He just sat on the edge of the bed wiping tears from his eyes. I quietly walked up behind him and put my hand on his still bare right shoulder. This surprised him and he spun his head around, embarrassed that I had seen him like this. I didn’t take my hand away, but simply sat down next to him, putting my arm around his shoulders to comfort him. He didn’t try to pull away. We just stayed like that for a while as he composed himself so we could finally talk about what happened earlier that evening. I decided to break the silence.

“Whatever happened, it’s not so bad that I would hate you”, I reassured him. “You can tell me. I promise I won’t say anything to anybody.” After a short pause, Luke finally spoke up.

“Dad barged in on me earlier and caught me looking at porn on the net”, he finally said. “We got into an argument and he threw me out before I had a chance to get my keys so that I couldn’t get back in. He told me he didn’t want my kind in his house.”

With this last statement, Luke started to break down again. I tightened my hold on him to assure him he wasn’t alone in the world, no matter what his asshole of a father thought of him.

“How can he judge you like that?” I asked. “Remember when we use to pull out his playboys and look at them while he was at work? He has a sizable collection of porn too.”

“He didn’t like the porn I was looking at,” Luke said, obviously not wanting to make eye contact with me at that point.

“Could it be?” I thought to myself, but then dismissed it as wishful thinking. My friend was in pain and needed me to listen to him and comfort him right now. This was not the time for erotic fantasies. Still, that evasive answer made me question if there was a possibility, but there would be time enough for probing into that issue later.

“Listen,” I said. “I don’t want to push you, but when you are ready to talk about it without the evasive answers, I’ll be right here”. He looked at me funny and I said “It’s obvious you’re not telling me the whole story. When you are ready, I will listen and not be judgmental.”

As I got up to get the air mattress, Luke caught my arm and pulled me back.

“Do you promise not to hate me?” he asked. I could see the worry in his eyes. His secret was obviously a terrible burden and his fear at revealing it was great. I sat down again and looked him in the eye and reassured him.

“I couldn’t hate you, no matter what it is”, I assured him. “Tell me.”

“Dad caught me looking at gay porn”, he managed to say as he turned his head away so as not to look me in the eye.

I said nothing at first, my mind trying to process what he had just said to me. This was unbelievable. My suspicions since our conversation began had been confirmed. Luke was into guys. “I had no idea”, I finally said, trying to sound more surprised than excited. “You’re gay?”

“I’ve never been with a guy before”, he said, still refusing to look at me and only staring at the floor with tears beginning to form in his eyes again. “I’ve been attracted to guys for years, but never got up the nerve to approach anyone to do anything. I’ve tried to hide it, only getting off by watching porn and fantasizing.”

“Hey”, I said as I reached out and turned his face to look at me. “It’s alright. I just never knew you felt this way.” I again wrapped my arm around him. “I’ve known I was gay for some time now and could never bring myself to tell anybody either.”

“Really?!” he said excitedly, a smile nearly forming on his face. “You’re not making this up to make me feel better are you?”

Instead of answering him with words, I decided to try a different approach. I leaned over and put my lips to his. I kissed him as I set my right arm across my lap. He reached over and took hold of my arm. The kiss was short, but it is one of those moments when time just seems to stop and you could live in that moment. As I pulled back from kissing him, Luke’s expression was now more one of relief. I said, “Does that tell you how I feel? I have wanted you for a long time, Luke. I just was afraid to say anything. I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“I was afraid of the same thing”, Luke said, sounding much happier that he had been only a moment before. “So what happens now?”

“Now I guess since we’ve both admitted our desire for one another, we could try some of the stuff you saw in that porn you’ve been watching”, I suggested. “Are you up for it?”

This time, he pulled me close and kissed me long and passionately. I took that as a very enthusiastic “Yes.”

This was a dream come true. I had wanted to make love to Luke for a long time and now I was finally going to get the chance. We embraced each other and kissed as our hands explored our partner’s body. He had not put a shirt on, so my hands went right to his smooth, firm chest. His skin was soft and warm to the touch. His nipples perked up with only a little attention. I decided to suck on those nipples to see if he liked it. He did. As my tongue flicked across one and I sucked on it, Luke moaned his approval and put his hand on the back of my head, running his fingers through my fine, blond hair. I moved back and forth between his nipples and played with them as my hands began to explore lower. Slowly, I moved them down to his bulging package in his shorts. I caressed his balls through the material, causing him to throw his head back and let out a sigh. As I began to move my head down his torso, kissing his skin along the way, I reached into the waist band of his shorts and found only pubes. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. This was my lucky day. I had to see what he had in there.

Not wanting to make him uncomfortable, I moved slowly. I also wanted to tease him a little in the process. It was working. I could see the anticipation on his face as I slowly lowered his shorts. A nice sized cut cock sprang into view. He had to be about seven inches, pretty thick, and had a large mushroom head on the end. His balls hung low in a soft scrotal sack. I had never actually done this before, so I didn’t know where to start. I decided to start by licking him from the tip of his dick to the base and then over his succulent balls. As my tongue made contact with his hard cock, Luke instinctively closed his eyes and tilted his head back, his long, soft sigh telling me how much he loved it. I moved down to his balls and played with them some, circling my tongue around each one and inhaling the sweet man-scent on them. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took both of his balls in at once and began to gently play with them and suck on them. It seemed as though every muscle in Luke’s body contracted and his breathing got heavy. His grunts and his thrashing legs told me he liked it. Once I had enough of driving him crazy that way, I released his balls and moved up to take his hard cock. Luke was showing his anticipation the way his eyes were fixed on me as I prepared to give him his first blow job. I watched his face as I took the shaft in my hand, positioned his cock, opened my mouth, and proceeded to swallow as much as I could without choking. His eyes closed and his head fell back onto the pillow instantly as I sucked him as hard as I could.

“Damn, that feels so good!” Luke exclaimed as I sucked his delicious man-meat. I kept my right hand on his balls, moving them around a little just to add to the stimulation, but I think he was more focused on that I was doing to his cock at that moment. I sucked hard on just the head and then went down the shaft as far as I could go before returning to the head. I sucked as hard as I could, running my tongue along the underside. After a short time of this, Luke pulled me off and kissed me.

“You’ll make me cum if you keep that up”, he said, sounding a little out of breath. “I want to try this on you.”

I had been so focused on Luke that I had ignored the tent pole in my own shorts. Luke was about to take care of it for me, though. He didn’t do like I did to him and explore my body. He went right for my rock hard cock. Pulling down my shorts, Luke grabbed my cock and took the head into his mouth instantly. His warm breath on my manhood was wonderful, but his moist lips enclosed around it made it even better. I instinctively let out a long sigh and relaxed as my best friend sucked on my cock. There was no describing how I felt at that moment. Luke continued to suck me as he finally decided to pull my shorts the rest of the way down, exposing my low hanging balls. His left hand scooped up my family jewels and gently played with them. My shorts were down to my ankles now, so I just kicked them off. With my balls in his left hand and my cock in his mouth, Luke reached up with his right hand and ran it under my shirt and over my chest. All the attention was getting me closer by the second. I could feel my load rising. I knew I wouldn’t take much more and I would cum, so I naturally decided to warn Luke.

“I’m gonna cum”, I said in almost a whisper as I tried to pull him off of my cock. He clamped down and sucked even harder. “Luke, I’m really about to shoot”, I told him. He would not let up. My balls pulled in closer and I could feel it coming. I moaned louder and louder as my climax approached and when I had hit the point of no return, I said “Oh, Luke”.

I shot inside his mouth. Spurt after spurt of warm cum shot from my cock as he continued to suck it. My whole body was writhing with pleasure from the experience. I had cum many times before from jacking off, but it had never felt this good before. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. He didn’t miss a drop either. I guess all that porn he watched had taught him a thing or two. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Luke eventually let my dick fall from his mouth and moved up to my face to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately, the only way I could think of at the moment to express my gratitude for what he had just done for me.

“That was incredible, Luke”, I told him. “I have never felt anything like that. I want to return the favor. I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes”, I told him softly. “I want you badly, but please go slow. It is my first time.”

I pulled my lube out of my nightstand and prepared my ass for its first penetration before passing the bottle to Luke so he could lube his dick. As I fell back on the bed, my eyes met his gaze and I could see that he was afraid of hurting me, but also that he wanted this. Had he dreamed of this moment like me? So many nights I found myself fantasizing about this very moment as I stroked myself to a gushing climax. Now, finally, it was about to really happen. From the look in Luke’s eyes, he wanted this just as much as I did. I pulled my legs back, spreading my butt cheeks and exposing my virgin hole. Luke took his cock in hand and lined it up to slide into me. I almost held my breath in anticipation, but then remembered something from some porn I watched, something about breathing making it easier to take a dick in the ass. I decided to try that. I felt his cock head touch my sphincter and tried to focus on relaxing and breathing normally as I looked longingly into my lover’s eyes. I wanted to see his face as we connected in the most intimate way. His hard cock pushed into me and I felt both pain and pleasure as I had never felt before that moment. I kept breathing, but it was not easy to take. Still, I was determined to make this work. The look of pleasure on his face as his cock worked into me was worth all of the effort.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes”, I replied. “Just go slow.”

“This feels great, Mike”, he said smiling for the first time that evening. “You have no idea how long I have wanted you.”

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him as he began to slide in and out of me. The pain was soon gone and only the pleasure remained. Luke embraced me as he picked up the pace and began to pound me harder. His cock hit points of pleasure inside me that I never knew existed. I wanted the moment to last a long time, but our cocks and balls had different plans. I could feel my second load rising and Luke’s breathing quickened, telling me he was getting closer like me. I could almost feel his cock getting harder and even a little bigger and he slid in and out faster and faster, hastening my climax at the same time. I could feel that I was getting close. My balls ached for release as his dick hit my prostate over and over. I was about to have the most intense orgasm of my life.

“I’m close”, I whispered.

“Me too”, he said, sounding almost out of breath. “I’m about to cum. Oh, Mike, I love you so much.”

That was all it took to send me over the edge. My cock exploded, shooting streams of cum all over both of us. The tightening of my muscles was more than he could take and he went over the edge as well. I could feel his cock pulsating and he shot inside my.

When our very intense orgasms subsided, we kissed passionately, exhausted from the hot sex we just had. I fell asleep in his arms. That night, I slept as I had not slept in a long time as Luke held me tight, his arm draped over me and his hand over my chest. It had finally happened. I had finally had sex with my best friend and the man I most desired for years. Best of all, it was my first time. There was so much more to experience, but I couldn’t think of anyone better to experience it with.
I'd say your "writer's block" is over. That was a fantastic story with so many visuals! Please continue to arouse us with your abilities.:blushing:
Thanks everyone. It feels good to be writing again. My next story may be a true story.