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RIP Mike Robbins


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
It saddens us greatly here at BluMedia and D&E Productions to have to announce that Mike Robbins passed away in late January. We had to wait to post until all of the details from the family were given; we respect their privacy first and foremost.

The worst thing about losing someone, especially a man like Mike, is that they no longer have the chance to do everything that made them who they are. Like put a smile on your face with the least effort possible, or carry on worthless conversations that never ended just so we could enjoy him just a little bit further. Mike came to us as a curious boy and through his many life adventures left the world as a developed, caring young man.

His memory will stay with us through his videos, as we get to see Mike as a happy-go-lucky, free-spirited young man. He has been immortalized on this site. We can go back and read through his extensive posts and watch his fun videos. He is gone, but certainly never forgotten.

This space is to be used to share your positive memories about Mike. We kindly ask that you respect his memory by granting him the privacy he deserves. We request that you keep any unkind words to yourself. Many on this forum got to know Mike much further than his porn career, and he counted many of the people on these very boards to be his friends.

R.I.P. Mike Robbins. You will be missed.
A poem i wrote for Mike a while back, some may remember it, i hope he does where ever he might be.

Remember the Lotus

The world is fragile
and things fall apart

Good things come and and they go
breaking apart our heart

The hardest part is
holding your head above water

Lest we get sucked under
and become devil fodder

Just remember the Lotus
tall and proud

Sprung from its murky depths
and deep muddy shroud

You can give birth to the good
embrace and work through the bad

Don't get lost in this
cycle of life and go mad

Hold onto your beautiful soul
and cherish what is you

Just remember the Lotus as the golden rule
grow, swim, and break the surface of something new
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. As hard as it has been for us to deal with his passing, I know it's been ten times worse for them. Getting to know him last year was a blast and he will truly be missed.
May I ask...

May I ask how he passed away? I ask this in the kindest way that I know how... thanks in advance.

He came into our forumite lives completely unannounced, without "Broke" prefixing his screen name, even causing some perplexity as to who the poster really was. And even though he hasn't posted or filmed for a long time, the idea that he's dead is pretty hard to take. He was so vital and energetic, open and interesting, that it seemed like he'd go on forever. I called him Li'l Inky and adored watching him for lots more reasons than just the porn. His manic, mismatched Bugs Bunny grin, signaling some adorable bit of vile mischief that had suddenly occurred to him, always made my day.

Is it ok to ask how he died? He had a lot of neurological stuff going on of course, and despite some nervousness among forumites, kept assuring us that he was a safe driver no matter what. It might be awful to say, but I hope he had a great death, something in keepìng. If someone so excellent as he was has to die so young, it should be something remarkable.

Thank you Mark for telling us the news.
I finally found words for this painful thread. Mike's is the second death of a futon visitor from Broke Straight Boys I feel broken somehow, and lost, or perhaps dazed is a better term. I feel a sense of loss. Something (Mike), that was a part of our family here on Broke Straight Boys Forum no longer is here. But one of the beauties of this site was that we got to know Mike through his video appearances, and his was the personality that pulled us in. You could almost feel the attraction. He was so likable, like a good next door neighbor.

Mike, you WILL be missed.

May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
The last time we saw and spoke to MikeR was 3 months ago when we filmed him for College Boy Physicals and a few other projects. It was great seeing him again. MikeR was truly a great happy go lucky individual with lots of dreams and desires and we are still feeling the effects here at D&E Productions. Out of all the models we had come & go, Eddie bonded with MikeR the most and is very upset and sadden by his passing.

He will be missed!!!!

I also thank Mark for posting and starting a great thread!!!
It's a shame, no one should pass so young.
I'm very sorry to hear about his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
o m g , what happened to him,, he seemed so full of life and funny , and would be a dude you would like to hang out with , please tell us what happened to him, ,, i so hope it had nothing to do with drugs again
Even upon seeing his obituary on the net I had refused to believe it until now. I'm still at a loss for words. I've never talked to him but from his videos, he always seemed so nice. He didn't deserve to have to leave at such a young age. RIP Mike, we'll all miss you.
didnt he have a friend josh that hung out with him rideing 4wheelers , hope he is takeing things ok, ,, just hate to hear so many guys dye so young , hopefully we can hear what happened
Even upon seeing his obituary on the net I had refused to believe it until now. I'm still at a loss for words. I've never talked to him but from his videos, he always seemed so nice. He didn't deserve to have to leave at such a young age. RIP Mike, we'll all miss you.

out of respect for Mikes privacy please never post the actual obituary online as it states his real name. his family needs privacy most in a time like this, and im not saying everyone here would try to contact his family, but there is always one somewhere.
Such sad sad news to deal with.

Mike Robbins surely was someone that seemed invulnerable to tragedy and I assume lived his personal life with as much gusto and joy of living he could provide. He was a naturally upbeat kind of fellow and one with many dreams. What some people assumed was arrogance was more likely a drive in him to excel at any costs coupled with an eagerness to be successful in all of his goals. In the more recent Broke Straight Boys episodes, Mike growth as an individual was apparent and we were treated to a more mature Mike full of kindness and life. I guess you could say he never did anything halfway and at his core he had a good heart!

So very very sorry this had to happen to him at so young an age. My most sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans that valued him so!


This is so sad. I loved Mike's humor, his arresting smile, and his robust laugh. He was a work of art in progress. He showed genuine caring and kindness to the majority of his partners on that futon, and he never let us down, giving a truly "Mike" performance every time. I just can't imagine what happened to such a vibrant young man. It is such a tragedy to lose someone so young with so much potential.
It is always sad to hear of the passing of someone so young. My heart goes out to his friends and family, as they work through all the feelings associated with this tragedy.

Mike led life on the edge, without holding anything back, and that is how he will be remembered.
This is such sad news, for someone so young with so much life ahead of him, to pass away. He and his loved ones will be in my prayers.

I can't say how much this saddens me. To his family, friends and fans my sincere condolences. Rest in PEACE Mike. We will miss you so much.
Tragic News

I was beside myself when i read this post.Mike Robbins seemed like a kind and gentle young man.My deepest sympathy to his family,friends and to all who new him. I know he will be truly missed here on Broke Straight Boys

Rest in Peace Mike....

Patchogue NY