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Please help me find Preston


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Jan 18, 2011
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Hi Guys, can someone tell me that other site where Preston's done a couple of videos? One where he's getting banged in a kitchen I think. I didn't join and then lost all my links when I changed search engines and I can't find the messages where the site was first mentioned.

I know the one you are thinking of.
It is one from Club Jeremy Hall, which is one of the Broke Straight Boys bonus sites.
To be exact:-
1. Open the main page of Broke Straight Boys and rest the mouse pointer on Bonus Sites
2. From the drop down bonus sites menu select HSBoys
3. Enter the HSBoys site using your Broke Straight Boys password
4. Go to the Top 10 Members Favourites and select Club Jeremy Hall
5. Go to page 2 of the archive and the title you are looking for is "Drinking With The Boys"
Thanks raysvq. I actually managed to find him via Google. Preston/gay for pay/skateboard. Dog bless Google!