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Paranormal Activity..


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Sep 2, 2009
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just watched it on 2dollar tuesday on indemand..all my window blinds are up and i'm still scared out of my mind..tonight will be one of those never ending nights where im wide awake staring at everything on my ceiling! and no i will not set up a hidden camera..i don't want to know what happens when i go to sleep. it's a great scare flick..2thumbs up.
i was just informed by another member that this already has a thread..well i didn't see it so i started a new one. so shoot me! and my opinion is diff then scoripos ..i didn't think it was boring at all. it was quite scary to a female living alone in a huge apartment with my furnance making weird noises!
I'd hold your hand, qwerty, but you do live far from me. Send me a PM or email with any paranormal activity that occurs there.

You sure that is your furnace making noise?
yeah it was my furnace..it was the instant i walked by it to turn on my living room light. it spat at me..its in my closet int he hall way. it must be a male furnance and thought it was funny to scare me into a heart attack.
I've always heard that a furnace was female..........