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Omg Jensen Atwood :)


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May 28, 2010
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I am in love with Jensen Atwood from Noah's Arch. :) for those who love a little dark meat in their diet he is the ice cream Sunday with hot fudge running all down the sides ! I have been tweeting people that I know are in the area for pride and I had been following him on twitter for sometime now, so I shot him one thinking he would never respond. HE DID. So my dreams might come true and hopefully get to meet him EEEK :) did I mention 3 day till i get on a plane.

Anyone else a fan of Noah's Arch on Logo ???????
It is not still going on but it still is shown in reruns as well as if you have netflicks you can watch both seasons as well as " Jumping the broom" on there as well instantly on your computer.