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NEXT Interview: Who do you want to see?

Which interview do you want to see next?

  • Austin

    Votes: 12 21.1%
  • Anthony

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • Diesel

    Votes: 35 61.4%
  • Mike

    Votes: 2 3.5%

  • Total voters


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Oct 14, 2008
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Dallas TX
Hey guys,

We figured we'd let you choose who you want to see in the upcoming Broke Straight Boys Behind The Scenes/Interviews. Here are the choices: Austin - Anthony - Diesal - Mike

I'll leave the poll open for a few days :)


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Those are excellent choices and I'd want to see all of them. Diesal seemed to be emotionally involved with Jimmy, which was mind-blowing. Mike is gay. Grant is by now pretty surely pretty gay I'd say. Anthony would have a hard time convincing me he didn't like to be fucked by hot guys. So the list has got a lot of un-straightness in it which is totally hot. So...

Diesal because I'd want to know a lot more about him and Jimmy. It was the huge question a couple of months ago and if he were willing to open up about it it would be amazing. So he'd be my first choice.

Mike because he's adorable and would have a lot of nice-guy things to say in the interview. I really love this scrawny geeky kid with the endless banana dick. He always is fun to watch and hear in Dave's pre-fuck chit chat. So he's my second choice.

Grant because he's the main pornstar on your list, and if he tells it like it is he would be fascinating to hear. He's a nearly second choice if it weren't for Mike.

Anthony is the big incognito. Has the fact that his parents found out made it so he can't film porn any more? Is his wife cool with his profession? How gay does he think of himself since he obviously doesn't hate what he does on the futon. He's my fourth choice.

When can we hear from Preston and Logan too?
I voted for Austin, he's my favorite of the four-though that's like saying which do you like better, chocolate or chocolate?

But I'd love to see a Logan interview at some point.
I too voted for Austin. Man oh man would I love to hear what he has to say!

I adore Mike, but since he posts here, we know him fairly well. Would I like to see him interviewed? Yep.

Who doesn't love Diesal's smile (the rest of him ain't bad either)? He'd be my second choice, but I agree with ScottC. Logan? Hell yeah!!
Ahhh... I must admit, my heart belongs to Diesal.

But they're all great choices of course. So just knowing that we will see all of them at some point is great news! Thanks Steve. We need something to smile and get happy about.
I definitely vote for Diesal or Mike (can't decide which).

I hope it's ok to say this, but I've already seen both Anthony and Austin in many scenes in tons of other sites...I think there are more sightings of Anthony and Austin on other gay porn sites than there are of Elvis in Memphis lol! Not that I don't like them too, but I think they've been seen all over the place doing scenes and they're kind of all over the place on other sites/movies anyway, and definitely not at all newcomers.

Diesal I've never seen anywhere except Broke Straight Boys, and especially his passion and frequent, passionate kissing in several of his older scenes (only with Jimmy though, he's never shown that passion and dare I say it, tenderness at the same time as lust, towards anyone else on Broke Straight Boys) were INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Mike is really hot, not to mention funny and cool, so for me it's a toss-up between Mike, and Diesal.
Who's next

I want diesel, i fell in love with him the first time i saw him.

"give me diesel or give me death". :thumbup:
Where do I check all of the above?
You forgot to put Preston in the list...D'oh. Would love to see more of him, especially an interview...he has cornered the market on cute..lol.

I had to go with Austin. I couldn't decide between him and Anthony but I had to pick one. so I voted for the one on top..is that sexist.
Don't want to spoil this thread, but I can't get anything to run on the 'behind the scenes' window. Am I missing some software?
oh decisions....decisions.......ummmmm......
Diesal.......no Austin.....no Mike........no Diesal.....

dam guys this is hard...

Ok will go with Diesal...kinda want to know exactly what he was thinking with jimmy in part 1, 2 & 3 lol!! Yep definitely Diesal...whilst i wait for the Logan option....!!! hint hint!!!
Strange thing this forum as most of comments are for Austin but the poll shows Diesal in front by 6 votes. Diesal for me xx
Keep in mind Jon that everyone who votes, does not comment on the forum, just as everyone who views the videos on the site does not post in the forum or necessarily vote on the episodes. There are lots and lots of members of Broke Straight Boys's and everyone participates in their own way, so don't be surprised that all is not consistent.
Don't want to spoil this thread, but I can't get anything to run on the 'behind the scenes' window. Am I missing some software?

Nothing shows at all? This is what you should see.


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I voted for Austin as he is the least known as a person.