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Mike R and Josh Part 3


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Nov 30, 2009
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Great video Again these 2 guys put on a fabulous show. Josh took all of Mike's cock like a pro. I said this after part 2 and again today in part 3 Mike did a great job. This series has made me a fan of Mike's. Just enough background talk, and a great action top that's fun to watch, and how he kept easing his cock in deeper even with Josh's jitters.
Thanks again for a great job.
Your newest Mike R and Josh fan
Just started dl this episode - 1hr 50min to go - and I noticed something interesting.
Mike is wearing a cockring which is somewhat intriguing.
I think I am going to be a josh fan :) he isn't really butch butch but not queenish either :) he just in the heck is not bad on the eyes :)... as always love mike :)
Wow, I watched all three episodes and each one seemed better than the one before.
Great job MikeR and Josh. I wouldn't kick Josh out of bed.
Question for David, after all of that are Mike and Josh still best of friends?
Often wonder about that question when two friends are put to the test.
Again, great series David.

Another great update with those two guys. It went into the upper stratosphere of hot when Mike got Josh on his back. Mike was obviously loving every minute of it. I loved how when Josh started to get more comfortable and turned on, he kept touching Mike. It's become slighlty redundant to say but Mike's cumshot was spectacular.

Mike couldn't keep his eyes off of Josh, and Josh couldn't keep his hands off Mike. It says a lot about these two
WOW...i'm a fairly new member and all i can say is "JOSH & MIKE :tongue_smilie:..this trilogy was awesome. :001_tongue: The 3rd in the series had me reaching for my wallet when they were discussing $ amount.. :)
There was truely a "loving" chemistry between the two..yes i said "loving"....hehehehe :001_tt2:
The way they touched and looked at each other had me from the beginning. Great scenes boys..i sure hope to see you both in the near future.
THANKS! :biggrin:
A lovely finale to the series. Mike is such a lovely person and I sincerely believe that he will give Josh the money and did you notice that he briefly had second thoughts about fucking his buddy just before he shoved his dick up Josh's ass. Josh took Mike's dick really well and hardly complained and in the end kept trying to get more body contact by reaching up and touching Mikes shoulders. I just wish in my dreams that Mike would have bent over and slapped a whopper on Josh' lips, maybe they'll do that when they get home. :tongue_smilie:

I thought I was hearing things earlier in the video when I thought I heard Josh call Mike Kevin. It's probably the Atlantic playing up.. :001_tt2:

P.S Would have liked to have seen Mike actually put on the cock ring. I've never tried it and would have been educational
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Once again, Broke Straight Boys comes through with a great show. I was amazed at how Josh took that monster of Mike's without that much difficulty. He was a real trooper and Mike just took his time not wanting to hurt his buddy. Good job again and am looking forward to seeing Josh with other models. However, these two really do appear to have something special between them.
I think I am going to be a josh fan :) he isn't really butch butch but not queenish either :) he just in the heck is not bad on the eyes :)... as always love mike :)

You know I find Mike more "butch" Josh can complain all he wants but he to me is "queerish" not my words Id use but I get what you mean.
I loved it too!
noticed Josh holding Mike. They do love each other also when he put his dick in Josh he did it with MUCH care not to hurt him. What I would have liked to see is Mike cum inside Josh ( with condom on) so he would feel his pulsing at orgasm. Josh never really got hard maybe thats just him. Im sure on screen or off Josh will get more practice.
Another AWESOME shoot! The tenderness these two show for each other is just intoxicating! I too noticed (from shoot 1) how Mike just can't keep his eyes off of Josh's cock. And Josh? Well, once he gets a hold of Mike's cock, seems he never wants to let go. The only thing that could have made this even more spectacular, would have been for Mike to bend down and kiss Josh as he fucked him. Those moments when Josh was so turned on and feeling Mike's chest, that would have been the time!
I truly hope this is not the end. I could watch these two over and over, at least once a week. They just have such great chemistry.
I'd love to see a 3 some with these 2 and Leon.
Or, Tyler, Leon, and Josh
Or, Tyler, Leon, Josh,and Mike all together in a hot orgy shoot where they Mike and Ty take turns topping Josh and Leon, OMG, what a fantasy to watch that!
I would say this is one of the hottes scenes in the history of Broke Straight Boys Is it just me or were these two really starting to get in to each other? I think more may have happened when they got home. I think josh has opened up a whole new world he is more than willing to continue to explore. Great job guys. Keep it up:)
Mike-N-Josh #3

I won't gush on this one, but we witnessed a special event with this pair. I young guy who thought he was sexually experienced discovered how much pleasure two old friends can share. About midway through Josh got the message and truly gave it up to Mike. You might have noticed that Mike had an earth shaking orgasm when he was finishing-up. And Josh was deep in eroticism as he hammered himself home. Spectacular!!
From the comments so far on this thread everybody seems to have missed something.
Yes Josh was certainly caressing Mike but Mike was also caressing Josh. When Josh was giving Mike oral Mike was caressing Josh's back. It was not just a brief touch it actually lasted for some time.
Even though Josh's hole was tight I think it was tighter for Mike than it was for Josh :biggrin:
The other thing I noticed during the fucking was how much Josh reminded me of Danny.
David, how lucky for you and us that this accident happened, but if I find out a few weeks or months from now that it was all a construct, I'll personally find you and crush your nuts. I'm cynical about some porno story lines. I agree that it would have been interesting seeing Mike put on the cock ring, but it sounds like he's a convert. I love it that both Josh and Mike were able to talk comfortably to the camera, so many of these untrained actors are mumblers. I like to look for what the guys do with their unoccupied hands - caressing and stuff. A very telling moment was after Mike blew his load and Josh was tickling the tip of his penis - lovely. Since Mike blows such a huge load, it would be really great if he learned to lick up his cum - delicious. Although we'd like to see Josh fuck Mike I would be surprised if he could keep it hard long enough. A very fun watch.
You did it again David! What a pair! fuck buddys now I can see it happening,home getting loaded, lets do it again!!!! great job everyone!
Not much more to say.....but a few observatiions......

They decided to have gay porn to watch (although no one did much watching except at each other)

Mike's enjoyment of being sucked, his moans and excitement, and rubbing Josh's back

It was cool when Josh kept pulling himself off, and eventually got hard while Mike fucked him

Josh kept touching Mike on various places while being fucked

Mike's comment (what was it exactly?) "we're better friends now"

I liked when Mike kept playing with himself and was hard again when Josh blew his load

And Josh certainly showed no hesitation when asked if he would come back and maybe top someone
I have to say I have loved all three videos. Josh is hot with a really nice dick. Big cocks are over-rated.

I was a little surprised by how quickly Josh went from not wanting to do anything to being fucked by his buddy. And Josh sucks cock like a real pro. You'll never convince me that was his first time, and my guess is not his first time with Mike's cock either. I think they're fuck buddies -- not that I care. I loved these videos.

I just wish Dave talked less. No question Dave has made this site a huge success and knows what's he's doing, but sometimes his talking is distracting.

I want to see more of these guys!