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Let the party begin!


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Nov 14, 2008
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Benicia, CA
This may take a little work for Broke Straight Boys staff but what about having episodes with themes: like NU with his surfing buddies, the cowboy round-up, the tatooed guys or guys with 13inch feet. It seems to me that 3-somes are a fashion so have these sessions with 3 or more guys. There's already a college group and a twink group, so diversify and get these groups on film. Let the party begin!:thumbup1:
Hey angel, I like your thinkin buddy.

A little bit of grouping, surf dudes and tatt dudes....awesome idea and maybe even a little bit of dressup..could be a lot of fun.
I'm with you...... great idea:biggrin:
Think about it, there are sites that specialize on one theme like military dudes, leather, bondage or whatever. Broke Straight Boys on the other hand gears itself to Broke Straight Boys but that could be any kind of straight broke boys, cowboys, twinks, college, tatoo, surfing and yes, even plain ordinary boys. LOL There was a scene where the models wore santa hats, I suppose their theme was on sharing? or giving? Maybe this sounds gimmicky but it could work if authencity isn't sacrificed in the process. The hard work is already accomplished when a straight dude agrees to do gay sex; so everything else is just plain fluff.