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Jayce Sean and Leon


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Jul 11, 2009
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Fine performances by all concerned, gave the video a "five". Jayce has a great body and and an agreeable, pleasant personality-more please. Sean has likable personality but looks dissipated and boozy not yet unattractive but headed that way. Leon had the best body and some of his positions standing and getting blown showed up his magnificent musculature. Very expressive face though some of his expressions I have never seen on a human before check the last few pages of Photo Set One if you doubt. However his "what's in it for me" attitude is a bit strong but definitively a great Broke Straight Boys Also if you're going to have two guys on a cock have one sucking the balls. Finally, kudos to Leon for the shrimping.
Jayce moves to the head of the class! Leon not far behind

Wow.. Ive always thought Jayce was a good looking guy but kind of a "wannabee" Broke Straight Boys in his prior scenes. Sort of wanted the money and the recognition but not really committed to doing it. This latest proved me wrong. Great bottom, great cock sucker, great attitude..he's moved into my top 3 for sure. Leon is going to be a great addition to Broke Straight Boys I cannot wait til he tops and bottoms..he is a star in the making!!!
This one was out of order correct? I am thinking I heard they woudl be in order from now on. Not sure.