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DOMA ruled unconstitutional

That's one down...

Dear another1,

THAT IS GREAT TO HEAR! Thanks for the update!


That's great news! I worry though what happens when it gets to the Supreme Court. It's the most conservative S.C. in memory. :glare:

They have probably already voted down all of Obama's healthcare reform. We won't know the results of that one for several more weeks. Once they get done writing all their opinions of support and dissent from the results of their ruling and so on.

Nonetheless this is a day to celebrate. :thumbup:
SCOTUS is made up of men and women who live in the real world.
there are probably three people in the u s that do not know a gay person and/or a gay couple. that would include members of the high court.
i say that to say i have learned not to predict court rulings until they are announced.
i never predict rain until i get wet! until then everything is in the air.