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A post to play with


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Mar 17, 2014
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Florida, USA
Here's a fun game. This was sent to me by a friend on Facebook.


I'll start.

L - Lil Anthony and the Imperials

O - The Oak Ridge Boys

U - U2

I - The Impressions

S - The Supremes (I saw them in concert five times back in the day)
I'll try it with "Mike"

M - Monkees

I - Ike & Tina Turner

K- KC & The Sunshine Band

E - Eurythmics
P - police
E - earth, wind and fire
T - ten years after
E - echo and the bunnymen
R - rolling stones
B- Black Sabath
E- Eagles
T- Temptations
H- Hanson
S - Supremes

T - Temptations

O - Otis Day & The Knights

W - Weather Girls

E - Elton John
v - van halen

i - iron maiden

c- the cars

e - elvis costello

k - kiss

i - iron maiden

d - depech mode
a = abba
n = nirvana
o = the o'jays
t = the troggs
h = herb alpert & the tijuana bass
e = elo
r = rush
1 = one direction