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Why So Many Condoms Lately?


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Oct 30, 2014
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I recently joined, and have enjoyed watching the Bareback scenes. But, the models are starting to wear condoms again, even those who have barebacked many times. Is this just a coincidence, or intentional? Does anyone know or heard anything?
Welcome to the forum, Vulcan,

I do believe it is the model's decision wether to wear a condom or not. Maybe they are just being cautious, but in any case I appkaud them for doing what is right for themselves. I personaly enjoy the bareback scenes myself, but I don't, not like a scene because of the condom use.

Hope to see more posts from you, welcome.

I think there are more reasons than one for what you are seeing.
when bareback scenes were first introduced a balanced approach was to present some with condoms and some without.
in recent scenes you see more use of condoms, because there was a run on bareback scene just before this condom phase.
staying up is harder with condom scenes than bareback. now that risk is reduced to close to zero, I still have my personal reservations, I accept the decision to use bareback scene. as long as there is the goal to balance the two.
models who have done bareback may be encouraged to wear a condom for a certain scene. for production reasons.
Hey Vulcan, welcome to the forum!:nicethread:
I prefer bareback myself, but it's left up to the models. I did however get an extra "tingle" when Zeno Kostas asked Brandon whether or not he wanted him to use a condom?!:001_rolleyes:
Hope you add your ideas and post often.
Hey Vulcan, welcome to the forum. When bareback was first introduced to Broke Straight Boys, there was a long heated debate whether or not it was right. Then Mark and the team assured the membership that they use the best testing process on the planet and that was it. I have got used to watching the BB scenes now but I guess the decision to use condoms or not lies with both models. If one says no then that is it.
Welcome to the forum. We give the models the choice and sometimes if one model wants to do condom we have all the boys do condom scenes. We have some bareback coming soon so hang in there.
Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to chatting with everyone. This site is really great!