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Which one first?


Jun 19, 2009
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I received my confirmation e-mail 20 min. ago. 25 pages full of straight(ish) guys doing the unmentionable for my viewing pleasure. I do have a bit of a problem though, like I said, 25 pages worth of problems.

So I shall now seek advise from seasoned regulars : Which episode do I download first? Call me a silly old romantic fool if you must, but I like my first time to be, you know, special.

Brief explanation : I bought Vol.1 & 2 of the Broke Straight Boys DVD's, which is how I landed on this site.

Over to you ................. :drool:

South Africa
Welcum to the site and the forum. Might I suggest Danny & Ryan, Then go to Anthony (the Pizza Boy) & Micheal WOW those guy's are HOT!!!
Thank you for your warm welcome i2ina69, Danny & Ryan it is then. See you in a while, I do not have the fastest internet on the planet.

Welcome to the Forum, Pervert!

I2's choices are excellent! Anything with Tyler in it is usually very good! He is number one on many of our lists! :biggrin:

I also like Austin, CJ, Diesal, Logan, nuMike, Jordan, etc. etc!! LOL! Oh, and most of the most recent updates have been great.

Enjoy, and again, welcome to the Forum!

Welcome to the forum Perv. So many choices... You can't hardly go wrong with videos that have CJ, Diesal, Danny, Robert and Alden and many more.
Include the last one by Cole. According to my computer I downloaded it in November, 2007. It is way hot, showing basically a guy who goes from reluctant to 'wow, this feels really good up my ass'...
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My Fav is still Ross and Erick ...... Welcome welcome ..... Enjoy
Thanks for all your feedback Gentlemen. Allow me to return the favour : I started with Danny & Ryan ; Lane & Jason ; Austin & Dustin & Eric & Ross. These I have all watched. I have down-loaded the following but not watched them yet (I like to keep some new stuff in stock) : Jacob & Anthony ; Tyler & CJ and Daxter & Rabib has just finished down-loading. When this post is finished it will be the turn of Diesal, Danny & Jason. Danny is a superb bottom by the way.

I really like Mark's suggestion, once D,D&J is done page 25 beckons methinks.

As you can probably tell, I truly love Broke Straight Boys As I explained to Mark in an e-mail last night, I thought by having the two DVDs I already had the best of Broke Straight Boys, so I first joined Circle Jerk Boys, but got bored by the sheer number of lisping queens (my motto is : If you can't fake being straight, I don't want to watch you. That's not to say I don't like the gay boys on this site, I just don't like screaming fems pretending to be straight. My bad.), then followed a disastrous period with Straight Internal. Tons of content - all utter crap. Do not go there, you will waste your money.

I really like the narrative and viewer's rating on the menu page for each episode. It gives a very accurate idea of what to expect. Oh yes, I am a very satisfied customer - Thanks Admin

Please excuse me now, I have porn to download!

Kind Regards
South Africa
haha welcome Pervert :) You sound like a fun guy. I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as you enjoyed the DVD :) Not only we have great videos to download, but the board is also a treat :)

Have fun.
If you want more than one site I'm having fun with Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue right now...
Greetings and salutations, Pervert. If noone has mentioned it yet, on the HOME page tab, you will scroll down to a section listing all our greatest favorites. Download these , and you will have a most satisfying start to your new "Library of Pervert" Collection. Which bonus site you choose from there, is anyone's guess. However, we do suggest moderation, as broken skin can result from over stimulation. Also, mental exhaustionmay occur, which is most easily relieved by spending a fewhours daily with the rest of us in Forum. Cheers!
Well you really are a most friendly bunch of deviants aren't you? I feel most at home - "Us few, us precious few etc"

A few observations, this Forum makes Broke Straight Boys much more interesting, I love hearing what other members think and feel. Speaking only for myself, none of the bonus sites really appeal, and as for live chat - I don't have a frikkin clue how that works. No I like specific individuals on Broke Straight Boys I think my personal favourite (so far) is Keanu Reeves look-alike Anthony. Lane is the most intriguing potential rapist ever, Ross & Eric has this very intriguing chemistry thing going, and somehow the young Amish boy appeals. And then there's Tyler, a very hot boy even though I'm not particularly into twinks. And then there is Danny ....... Do you export guys? I would pay good money to make him squeal like a pig. (Sorry Danny, I'm not called Pervert for nothing you know)

But think about this now, male sexuality is a most complex and varied thing ; sucking dick and bottoming does not a gay (horrible word - I prefer Blood Queer) make. It can be many things, the money, the celebrity, or perhaps just the sheer enjoyment of doing the forbidden thing. Take Rabib for instance ; the way I read it he is a boy indulging a need for self loathing, for self-abuse.

But here is where things get interesting ; this is purely the opinion of a 46 year old South African and I am much more curious how about the rest the member's observations. Does the actors' sexual orientation matter to you? Some find the idea of straight guys doing gay porn offensive, others, myself included, find it very exciting. A guy doing unnatural things purely for money is hot, even more so if he hates it. Sometimes.

I find this whole concept of Broke Straight Boys quite fascinating. First and foremost it is of course a business. A product is offered and we the menbers are the clients. Providing this forum and good quality niche productions ensures my loyalty. I was given a good deal, I am treated well, I am satisfied, money well spent. Well done Admin.

Regardless of what the guys do it is how the individual member react to it that makes it difficult fot this site's owners, how to satisfy so many different and differing tastes. Since this site has been going since 2006 I assume Admin knows a thing or two about keeping us loyal. It might be interesting to hear from them, hear their thoughts, feelings and ambitions. I like to hear from successful people, how about you?

Let me end on a slightly controversial note : The Tyler, Mike, Diesal & Chris episode revealed one thing to me ; Chris and Mike have zero sex-appeal. To me. I would like to hear from those who think they are hot.

Ah, CJ, Dustin & Tyler has just finsished down-loading, now there is an outdoor orgy beckoning. Pervert's stats so far : 18 downloaded, 10 watched.

I download all the time, but I do not spend all my time in front of my computer. Boring British Grand Prix though.

Cheers from a cloudy South Africa.
I don't even recall Chris and Mike so there's one answer for you. The other? No one doing gay porn offends me and I don't care if the boys are really straight or not. All I care about is if on camera they do a reasonably convincing job to service that fantasy...
I've just received my first friendship request, which I've accepted. At least I think I have, I saved the changes, is that how one accept a new friend? I'm so honoured, now what?

Response to Pervert

I like the questions that you pose, my "perverted" friend. Human sexuality is very complex, and many members of the forum here have wide varied tastes. But I will speak of my personal preferences. I joined this site because I am very much into straight young "twink" types. In my lifetime, I have sucked off many young men 18-25 who consider themselves straight, and many who have identified themselves to me as virgins to a man's mouth prior to mine, (but of course there is no lie detector available, to check out the truthfulness of their assertion). Two were young men who worked for me, when I was the manager of a warehouse. They were 19 and 25 at the time, and both remain friends of mine today, many years after performing fellatio on their hard young cocks. Others were encounters with young men that I have met over phone chat lines, and in more recent years on line. And in the past I have picked up young hustlers who considered themselves straight, but would allow an older "fag" to suck their cocks for cash.

So to me the straight part has to be real or at least very convincing, and your assertion of "A guy doing unnatural things purely for money is hot, even more so if he hates it. Sometimes." is hot to me too.

You seem like an interesting fellow. I hope that you become a regular contributor to the forum.

It has gone quarter past five here in my neck of the woods, work was murderous (I'm a university librarian) and the traffic downright psychotic. Now I have a hot cup of tea, a lit cigarette and I'm in the mood to write.

Mike I tell you I am lot more selfish than you ; if I pay for it, my dick get sucked and, if they're lucky, I will top them. No wonder I'm single. The fact that I'm old, ugly and poor doesn't help either. Such is life.

To Baal : I checked out Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue's sites and if you don't mind I have a few questions ; Do their episodes also feature the get interviewed/get naked/get screwed/get paid format? I prefer my internet porn 'reality based' and a little dirty, at least I like to feel a little dirty. Both Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue seems to feature very beautiful, well groomed young gentlemen - very Falcon Vanilla you know? For hot profesional porn stars I collect bare-backing DVD's, mostly from the Czech Republic. So please tell me if these two sites offer anything that cannot be had in a normal over-priced porn shop. Thanks.

Now that the issue of which one first has been settled I've made a most interesting discovery ; no matter how good the rating nor how accurate the description, you never know whether you'll like an episode until you've watched it. So I've now changed my tactics ; I'm busy down-loading all the anal scenes, but I restrict my watching to weekends only. I like to a) deny myself a little, and b) I prefer not to sit in front of a computer, or a TV for that matter when I'm spending some quality time with myself. Besides I can't possible wank and click a mouse at the same time ; that's just unseemly.

Further good news is that I've now had two offers of friendship (which reminds me, I still have to accept the second one), I'm just not 100% sure how it works. Can someone kindly explain the concept to me, please type slowly and don't use any big words, I'm not particularly computer literate. Oh, you've noticed. And while you're in the mood for explaining the finer points of Broke Straight Boys, how does that free chat thing work? To me it seems you have to give a credit card number, and then what, they wank for you? What's the point, I pay Broke Straight Boys membership fee once a month and I'm up to my tits in amateur porn stars. I think that may be the reason none of the bonus sites appeal much to me, it is the "unique to the internet" format of Broke Straight Boys that put the lead in my pencil.

Incidentally, I use the same e-mail address for home and work, so all through the day I get Broke Straight Boys updates. Now that us fags have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights here in South Africa, I'm getting away with murder I swear. I have to admit it's all a little surreal, I grew up in Apartheid South Africa and the US was a beacon of liberty to all, even us whites. Now in 2009 my rights are better protected than any gay American.

And as for your "don't ask, don't tell" policy, it mystifies me. Who ever thought that was a good idea? The American nation of 300 million people still remains the most fascinating, confusing and just damn intersting place on this planet. You can drive a car when you're 16, get laid legally when you're 18, as well as join the military and, of course, vote, but you have to wait until you're 21 before you can get drunk. You have both a Congress and a Senate, yet prostitution is illegal. And as for elderly Republican having a "wide stance" - words fail me. But here is the most curious aspect about Americans ; at my university we have quite a few American students, not a single one who conforms to what I would call being a typical American, for instance I have only met one student from Texas, a slight, graceful and soft-spoken young lady. An utterly charming creature, and I'm damn sure she has no Stetson in her closet.

So from the outside looking in America seems to be a nation obsessed God Guns and Gays, yet the reality is much more complex, more cerebral. I have yet to meet a truly stupid and obtuse American ; I've yet to meet a German who isn't.

Allow me to end by sharing with you my prayer The Almighty has resolutely refused to answer, so far : Dear Lord, when Thee made Mankind, what were Thee thinking?

Goodbye, I do tend to rattle on don't I?

Goodbye, I do tend to rattle on don't I?Pervert
Actually I find you fascinating, Pervert. I am currently on a break from work, and don't have time to comment on many of your individual points, but you are a breath of fresh air to this forum. I love your observations on Americans, we are a "queer" lot, but I'm glad you like us. And you are not more "selfish" than me because if you are paying you want your cock sucked too. You just have more inclination to being a top while I love to be subservient to a hot young straight guy and get down on my knees and lovingly look up at his hot body with my mouth stuffed with his hard dick. That is my turn on. Keep posting Pervert. You are very interesting, at least to me. And your comment about "America seems to be a nation obsessed God Guns and Gays" really rings true to me. Too bad a former poster to this board who has been banned twice is not around to react to that statement.:biggrin:

A personal onservation is just that, the opinion of an individual who'se not American. But seriously, America always has been, is now and will continue to be 'centre-stage.' I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps something to do with America's refusal to do things behind closed doors ; Remember Bill Clinton's awfully big adventure vis-a-vis That Woman?

I thought it was awesome, the world's most powerful country getting into a passionate debate about what constitutes unacceptable conduct for the commander-in-chief. Congressmen and Senators prepared to lose their jobs fighting for what they believed in, or conducting a witch-hunt which might have, should have cost them their jobs - depending on which side of the isle your from. I got the distinct impression that even if China invaded Hong-Kong, North Korea went South and the Middle East erupted into full scale war all of America whould have said with one voice : "Would you damn foreigners mind, we're busy here!!"

To me it makes no difference whether Iraq was a mistake ; that debate rages still within America. Same goes for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. I remember when the first photos of prisoner abuse started floating around it was anger within America that raged the most intensly. Sure America has made mistakes, but the intention was always good and decent.

As a South African I saw my own country go from a police state to a state so free it's almost anarchy in our parliament building, our new president is a crook, but a very charismatic man, a man with opinions and a temper. Jacob Zuma is a bit of fresh air after the cold and aloof Thabo Mbeki. The down-side? No back-bone. To protect our trade relations with China we refused a visa to the Dalai Lama. Robert Mugabe has brought Zimbabwe to the brink of the abyss, yet we do nothing. That is freedom too, the freedom to be weak and spineless.

America has never been spineless, yes I admit, I am a big fan of the American way. I'll tell you the most infuriating thing about America is your news-media's habit of only giving the most controversial of your citizens air-time. Passionate yet reasonable people are the most interesting in the long run but zealots makes for better sound-bites. It is the resonable thinking adult which intrigues me the most, a pity then that he or she is rarely heard above the screaming and shouting.

I think the moment which sums up your land with total clarity happened on the afternoon of 9/11, a woman wrote on a New York side walk : "The American Flag causes offense." She wasn't shot or assaulted, nor was her offensive (to me) expression removed either. Instead a debate broke out. That is greatness personified.

Why was the other guy banned? It does seem a pity somehow, but it behoves us all to remember that while freedom of expression is a constitutional right, belonging to a web-site forum is not. I like this site and I'd like to stay ; to do that I have to follow certain rules. I can live with it.

I've been following the "honest E.J." saga with great interest - he is no longer welcome not because he did porn before, but because he lied. Broke Straight Boys's owners did not appreciate it, he won't come back. Pity, but them's the rules. I was a little mystified at first because I've seen some of your "straight boys' doing very un-straight things on other sites, but then I looked at the dates ; it would seem quite a few rather well-known gay-for-pay boys got their start on Broke Straight Boys

The lesson I take away from this is simple, Broke Straight Boys will treat all newcomers, whatever their orientation or back-ground, with respect and will honour all contracts. In return they expect a certain honesty from applicants. therefore I think I will stay a member for quite a while. Pornography, especcially reality based porn, is a most difficult art, not easy to pull off. In my own personal opinion, a rather rough around the edges parolee who'se been hustling ever since his release asking to be on Broke Straight Boys simply because the money's better could be most interesting. The deal can be something along the lines of , "Fine, you're neither straight nor a virgin, so for 5000 bucks you will be bent over a table, tied up and you'll get bare-backed by the 10 regular's with the biggest dicks plus you'll be interviewed before' during and afterwards. If you don't like it you can always get back on the streets and dish out blow-jobs at 50 bucks a pop."

Just one thing though, if the idea does not appeal to Admin, I'm always free to join another site. Broke Straight Boys will not, I think, pander to member's demands. It's the back-bone thing again you see?

Crap! It's nearly 11H00 and I'm knackered, and tomorrow's back to work. A good and satisfying job in South Africa is a relative rarity ; I have the honour of assisting the youth of my land (and many others) to better themselves. So yes, I do work hard, sometimes very hard. I choose to, exhaustion is a minor irritant.