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Where is Rocco doing Bobby


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May 3, 2010
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Key West, FL
When the Bobby/Rocco scene was posted, the wrong stills were posted my mistake. A lot of people notice but WHERE is part TWO? We know the scene is waiting in the wings, I know I'm ready to see it. Love Bobby and want to see him taking it like a man!

Anyone else remember the miss posted stills? Come on Broke Straight Boys, it's time to release the scene!!
I think they're purposely holding off on this scene to get more membership money from us. It has been long enough. Post the damn thing.
I said it before and Ill say it again Bobby needs it in the ass. Letting HIM fuck was wrong we all saw he LIKED having his ass played with now on with the real thing haha
coming to this website on june 25th, rocco and bobby. the other video with rocco and bobby.
we have seen a short clip and the stills. now we can see the whole video scene.
three more days. just three more days.