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Whats your favorite summer activity?


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May 28, 2010
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Sitting here by the pool enjoying getting a nice tan and looking at the boys of Broke Straight Boys Can it get any better than this??? Ohh fl would be nice with some nice oiled down boys :))) So what do y'all like to do to take in the sun?
Doing what I've done for the last 2 days. Enjoying the unusually warm weather in the uk, being with my family after our recent loss, and getting the barbie out which got very little use last year.
Bike riding through this beautiful park one town over from me. It has miles of paved trails and roads for biking, skating, and walking. It also has a creek that runs all the way through it and tons of trees for shade.

Training new interns. :) Beach/boardwalk!!
Trips to the beach to guy watch and even sometimes taste. Swimming or just relaxing in the pool. Hiking in the mountains and climbing rocks. Horse back riding. Rides on my motorcycle. And this time of year I love the time change, the sun comes up so early and goes down so late, I know still only 24 hrs in a day, but with so much day light, feels more like 30 hrs. It's nice to have the extra hours of day light.


Jeff V.
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It's so damed hot here in Arizona that I am more active during the other seasons when it's cooler. So my summer activities are staying inside with the trusty air conditioner and watching movies. :) Oh and now my summer activies also include going to more Broke Straight Boys events....I mean, I am Broke Straight Boys Girl after all!!!
When I am not working on BluMedia stuff. I am often hanging out with my fiance by the pool or love riding my bike on the mountain trails here in Colorado. Hiking/camping/4x4ing when I can.
Puttering, weeding, and harvesting my summer veggie garden. Watching the young latino who helps me in the yard as he ever so slowly bends over with his shorts ridiing low. Camping at Kings Canyon National Park, if we can get away. And our annual June trip to Fort Lauderdale for the Celebration of Friends at the Airport Hilton. and one or two trips to Palm Springs, in spite of the summer heat.