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What happened to GINO!!!


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Sep 22, 2009
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What ever happened to GINO??? He seemed to pumped to do more scenes and then I haven't seen him! I think he is SOOOOOOO hot!!! I think Gino and Logan would make for a mind blowing (Than's not all that would erupt!) scene! You guy's make it happen! LOL!
I like Gino too! And I hope he's in more episodes.


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Me, three!! Gino's and Logan's vid was one the most entertaining vids ever!!
Ok, can't edit my post, I meant Gino and Shane! :blush:

Gino really liked Shane!! Me, too!! :001_tt1:

Wand52 is right on RE: Gino and Logan!! :drool:
Oh, Shane must be why I can't remember Gino. That picture's hot but Shane tends to make me lose interest...
Gino with anyone would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. He was such a geeky loose cannon on the futon with all sorts of emotional undercurrents and perverse girlfriend stories goin' down. And all the while his enormous sad eyes darting around the set, and up and down Shane's anatomy, were unnerving and exciting at the same time. He would be so much fun to be around in person, but just seeing him again on the futon would be an excellent second best.

Great thinking guys, to bring him back to Dave's attention.
I've been wondering what happened to Gino as well. In the first shoot he seemed to be eager to come back for more. He and Logan would be VERY hot, but I'd settle for Gino and just about anyone.
I agree with everything you guys said about Gino but we have to give Shane some credit. Remember it was his penis that was in Gino's mouth and it was his cum that added to the excitement of the scene. Shane does have a very cute dick and he is a totally straight boy. If he ever gets fucked, we may have to throw him a party for losing his virginity.
Shane is good, but He always doesn't seem to be interested in even doing the shoot at the beginning of the video. I'm also starting to think he has an erotic exfixiation thing. If I'm remembering correctly the past couple videos where he has done anal he always end up putting his hands around the other guys neck... a little to wierd for my taste, but everybody's got their own thing!! :)