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What are you guys and gals doing with your savings/investments?


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Jan 5, 2009
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Where does one put his/her savings or investments? I am getting to the point of just cashing it all in and putting it under the bed. I really have not trusted Wall Street for years. Buy and hold is pure bullshit. I recently came into ownership of real estate through the death of my father. Have a family house and separate small farm. I am now a landlord times two. All is for sale with no buyers and all the costs that go with holding all of this.
I personally am investing my money into my record label and clothing company. Thus, investing in myself which is usually a much safer bet than investing in wall street haha

Your dick is always on display. Clothing usually masks that part of the male anatomy. What sort of clothing line are you running? One can't go to work with their on display.
Well, maybe Scorpio could get away with it.
Haha tim my friend, I am old in the gay porn came and my time has come to retire. Thus porn was never a end for me just a means to help me get to the end. Now it is time to move on to a different phase in my life, for example music and clothing haha
Rob, you just started your gay porn career. How old are you? Now you want a clothing line? You don't wear any clothing. How are you going to start a clothing line? You can't have a clothing line with your dick outside your pants all the time. Show us show Rob dressed for success in his proposed line of clothing. You can sing while you are doing it. I just took in $85 dollars gross at my local flea market. Let me help you with financial advice and your career.
So Rob, your way of getting to the end was your end. haha lol.
Assuming that there was a serious note to the original question, Carl and I began to convert 50% 0f our hard assets into precious metals; not the stocks, the actual metals. Coins and bullion. Should have done it long ago, we would be much further ahead.
Yes, it was a serious question. I just moved about 35% to short the market. Am using GLD for gold bullion. Am using three other ETFs to short the Nasdaq, the Russell 5000 and the S & P 500. I have about 60 American Eagles the I recently bought with non-IRA money. The other 65% is in a low interest account that is FDIC insured.

Can I ask a question, Mark? Are you buying collectible coins or just bullion based coins?