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Welcome to the site chat, comments & suggestions


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Oct 15, 2008
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Welcome everyone to the new Broke Straight Boys Forum!

We value your comments and suggestions; we want to grab your feedback so we can better understand what it is you would like to see more of or improve on. Of course feel free to say how much you love the site as well!

This forum category is for any type of chat related to Broke Straight Boys, College Boy Physicals HSBoys and all bonus sites we run. Please no spamming other products or you will be banned from the forum. If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you for being a member. :D

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I was wondering when the model Giovanni is making his return: he did a solo and was also paired with another model. He has a great innocence but a willingness to get involved: I think he would be a great return. He has great legs!
Mark.. will you be responding to any of the questions raised in the forum.. or comment on any of the suggestions made?
Anthony the "pizza boy" is simply too hot. Can you get him back for another session? He really gets into it.
I posted this on another thread.. Just wanted give you a chace to review my comment here.. I sometimes find myself playing back the scene so I can hear/understand the sometimes mumbled audio. Maybe mics could be placed so we could hear more audio from the models. Thanks
I agree. The audio is very difficult to hear. Sometimes even making out the answers to direct questions is hard. We would love to hear the mumbled dialogue going on in the heat of passion. There is nothing wrong with subtitling some of the more provocative comments that are whispered or just hard to make out. It would add alot more to the scene. The content of the site would be even better if the audio quality was better AND an occasional subtitle was added.
I think that the guys that are more common on the site should be allowed to take control of the scenes more, they know what they are doing. For instance, CJ just went right into the dick sucking with JC, that was both funny, and hot!
I'd like to see Anthony( the guy that looks like Keanu) and Tyler, the cute guy, together..
or have they done one together already? havent watched all of em yet...
I second that motion them 2 together on a fuckin scene would be fabulous
Hi Mark

great site worth while 2 scene's I would like to see in the futue are Anthony and Mike the cousins returning to possibly fuck... and another scene I would like to see is Tyler and Gavin them 2 would be a perfect match... I would just love to see more video with Tyler and Mike (Cousin)
Encourage the modles to come up with some ideas as to what they might be willing to try, other than guy on girl sex....

How about some bedroom scenes for the more experienced modles?

More 69's and face fucking action would be hott!!!:thumbup:

I love the episodes where the modles briefly discuss the fact that they know they are on a gay web site and talk about what they are willing to do or try.

Do some kind of version of strip trivia. Looser bottoms, missed questions cost an article of clothing, a hand job, or a BJ... I know it sounds tacky but it is a suggestion. LOL:blush:

Oh, here is a good idea, kind of taken from CJ. That man wastes not time in getting to his knees and sucking the cock. I guess he just wants to get it over quickly. Maybe actually start out with both modles naked. Interview the one modle while the other sucks his cock durring the interview. Then switch them. Maybe have them explain why they are first at getting a BJ durring the interview. Or have then discuss their ultimate BJ while the other guy is sucking on them.:sneaky2::thumbup:
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I'd like to see Anthony( the guy that looks like Keanu) and Tyler, the cute guy, together..
or have they done one together already? havent watched all of em yet...

That would be beautiful, thanks for that suggestion Jason.:thumbup:
I know this is repetitive.. but.. Anthony Jacob and Anthony Pizza Boy !!!.. now that would be HOT !!!!. Will we be getting a response as to whether we will be seeing Anthony Pizza Boy in the future???.. or is that taboo??
Just wanted to say that i've had my eyes on this site for a very long time... probably since you first started to come about a few years ago. I never joined until a few months ago and I'm quite impressed and pleased with what it has to offer! It seems to only get better as time passes too... so thank you for all the great and hard work!