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Suggestions to pair up certain models together

CJ and JC were an awesome pairing. I'd like to see CJ get a chance to top, I don't really care with who. Diesal and CJ would be an awesome pair, though the top thing might be a bit of stretch in that case. As much as I like Tyler, he's over used, same with Austin.
I would love to see Ross and Aiden. I have not seen any new shoots with Aiden on the site since his shoot with Jamie so I don't know if he is doing porn anymore but if he is I would LOVE to see him and ross going at it!!! :)
grt pairing: TAX & PHOENIX, let TYLER get a crack at DIESEL, he sure looked like he wanted that cock, ALDEN & MAVERICK... 2 b continued.
Danny & Dustin

I would love to see Danny & Dustin do it together on Broke Straight Boys The two shoots they did together on College Boy Physicals were very hot. Watching the look on Dustins face and eyes, it looks like he has a thing for Danny outside the studio. And who wouldnt! Love Dannys treasure trail. It would be great to see Dustin lick up Dannys load off of that sweet treasure trail of his!
I can only hope that Alden is going to fuck his friend Robert (^_^)
I would love to see Erik, Ross, Michael (the pizza guy) and Anthony. You can throw cole in there as well!!!


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Just between u and me, CJ is a definite bottom. His charm eludes me, he makes those wierd faces.

I would love to see more and much more with ALDEN. This guy is a star!
CJ is a bottom to you because that's all you've seen him do. I do agree though that Erik and CJ would be an interesting pairing.
Dustin had a great body and sure knows how to fuck, suck and rim.
Just saw Dustin and Danny on CBPhysicals. Like to see them on Broke STR Boys again.


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a three way with nelson tyler and ryan, with them flip/flopping each other!! tyler and derek again but derek fucking tyler bare back!!! those would be so hot
maybe cj and alden, seems cj lets everyone fuck himLOL! or maybe tyler and alden and scott! cj and scott!
i'd love to see ERIK & ROSS with the pizza boy!
that would be HOT!!!:001_tongue: