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Sports Bar, Sunday, Feb. 8th, Columbus, Ohio


Oct 28, 2008
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The Buckeye state gets invaded by the tour on Feb. 8th. Sports Bar in Columbus is the setting. The one and only other time we were at a sports bar was Roscoe's in Phoenix. If we have half as much fun at this club as we did at Roscoe's, all should be in for a good time.

Here's the address to the Sports Bar Columbus: 145 N 5th Street, just north of Long. (After 6PM, there is plenty of parking across the street.)
Tonight's the night for the boys event in Columbus. We met the guys at the club the other night. Patrick and Sam, the guys who run the club, and their staff are awesome, and by the way good looking.

Tonight should be a good time! If you're in the area, come on in to the Sports Bar..........
This was a great event. Very crowded which made it even more fun. The club's owner, Patrick, compared it to the crowd they get for the Ohio State/Michigan football game. (Remember this is a sports bar!) They hired two professional photographers for the event and they promised to send me pictures. Once that happens, I'll post them here. Thanks to everyone in Central Ohio who came out.
Finally some pics from the Score Bar. One's with Johnny and his 'girl', one's with Derek and two 'girls', and the other pic is of the Broke Straight Boys and the Score Bar crew.


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